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    Custom pint glasses?

    Hi , been absent for a long time but just stopped in and saw this thread. O.P. cafepress does pint glasses. I designed this one and had them make it.
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    Samuel Adams Utopia

    It's one creation aged in 5 different style barrels then blended together at bottling time. I split a bottle with my G.F. and it's great stuff. Also spoke with Jim K. at the extreme beer fest in Boston (it was served there) there isn't and from what Jim said never was any triple bock used in any...
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    American Craft Beer Fest - Boston MA

    I'll be at the early session on Sat. I'm a volunteer and will be working it.
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    Quality of Honey.

    I've also used clover honey in a couple batches of honey blonde ale. taste great. One of the local discount stores has one pound jars for $1.50 each. I use two pounds per batch and add them when fermentation is almost complete. Then leave it for another 2 weeks. You can add it to the boil or at...
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    looking for camping recipes

    I used to do a lot of mountain climbing a trail hiking. Because of bears we always brought lots of trail mix and instant food. no fresh meat to attract the bears. One of my favorite hiking meals was beef jerky chili.(no darn beans ever !!) I'd premix all my spices and keep em in a zip lock...
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    Homebrewing clubs/events in Chicago?
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    caught my dad with my gf? what to do?, very distraught...

    ROFLMAO. Sounds like a bad case of cocktail weenie vs sausage. :drunk:
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    Can I calculate OG after adding honey in primary?

    Going by the recipe calculator , 1 pound of honey in a 5.25 gallon batch adds .0065 to the o.g. Beer Calculus . homebrew recipe calculator
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    Can I calculate OG after adding honey in primary?

    If you had taken a gravity reading when you added the honey ,you could have taken the point difference and added it to your original o.g. Then after taking your F.G. you could determine you A.B.V. I'm sure there is a given for adding 1 pound of honey,but I don't know what it is. You could also...
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    anybody made 2 hole stoppers?

    If you hold the tubing with vice grips or pliers and hit the tubing with a hand held propane torch you can push down gently and it will melt it's way through.
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    Ready to transfer my barleywine to secondary.

    I wanted to bulk age a batch that I had going as well. It was a three gallon batch and was worried about the excess head space. I bottled it last night instead and will cellar it in the bottles till Christmas time. Sure tasted good last night for something so young. Have a 4 gallon batch going...
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    RIP Michael Jackson

    There's a rumor that the cause of death was food poisoning ..... from eating a 10 yr old weiner. :confused:
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    Need help figuring ABV on double fermentation

    It's late and I'm 1/2 asleep ,but I came up with 8.4% not sure if it's right.
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    RIP Michael Jackson

    +1 to that. He should have died in prison.
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    Habaneros and their uses

    Didn't plant any this year ,but Habanero's are my favorite peppers. Great in Chili ,salsa , my own hot sauce , chili mac , venison stew and believe it or not .....I like to sprinkle just a pinch on top of a bowl of vanilla icecream. Try it before you flame me , it's actually very good.
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    Name my beer!

    buried treasure (as in litter box) kitty bitter ??
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    So, what's getting brewed this weekend?

    Did my batch last night. My second barley wine. Hope to see the sun this weekend for a change. Maybe even go drown some bait and enjoy some homebrew.
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    Cheap and Easy Bottle Cap Labels

    I've been using the 3/4 round stickers since my printer crapped out. They work great and are cheap . I just write mine with a pen and stick em on.
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    some plastics are safe to use , others are not.
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    Check the recycle code on the bottom , if it's a 1 or 2 your all set.