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    DIY brew rig

    Just designed and had my brother weld a brew rig. Can't see in the pictures, but have a pump and a pipe with heating element and a digital temperature control unit to be added soon...also left and right bays have welded brackets to mount burners What do you think? I think this was built much...
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    Any help on water chemistry?

    Finally after two years got a water report and its as follows: Sodium - 13 Potassium - 1 Calcium - 66 Mag - 5 Hardness - 186 Sulfate - 7 Chloride - 42 Carbonate - 6 Bicarbonate - 162 Alkalinity - 143 What does this mean - what is best style? I ordered a book on water chemistry but excited to...
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    Anything i can do?

    Brewed an all grain barley wine ale last night and between running around with kids and painting the house I miscalcd mash / sparse water and didn't notice until already chilled. My gravity measured 1.078 vs 1.10 and I have 6.25 vs 5... Should I boil dme and add or leave as is? Hop...
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    Anyone interested in trading for

    Gandhi bot? Just scored five four-packs.
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    Fresh hop ipa

    All - I was thinking of attempting a wet hop ipa using fresh picked cascade only with pellet for buttering and dry for dry hopping. Has anyone used fresh cascade only? Is ratio 7 to 1 wet to dry?
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    Pump and whirlpool

    Ive been thinking about purchasing a pump to assist in whirl pooling and draining while whirl pooling to keep all hop gunk in the boil pot. Has anyone had luck doing so? I watched a fourth second clip on YouTube that looks amazing
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    Cooling prior to pitching yeast

    SO my hose is frozen and I programmed my fridge to get my westy 6 clone (thanks csi) down to 65. Put in the snow and ice bath which dropped to 110 then needed to get the kids from inlays. Well four hours later when I returned temp was 100. Am I screwed?
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    Starter okay

    Yeast starter at 27 hrs look ok?
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    Johnson temp controls

    Recently purchased the a419abg-3c electronic temp control and having issues operating. Must admit the brochure is in a different language (not really but to me). Anyone ever use and have advise on setting up and operating?
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    Timing of Belgian Candi Sugar addition in boil

    I purchased a kit at northern brewer for a holiday saison. Addition of d90 at beginning of boil. I've read that adding d90 near end of the boil can change flavor profile. Any thoughts or experiences with this?
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    DFH 120 clone

    Brewed a partial last month and tasted this evening. OG around 1.15 and FG around 1.043. Low on OG and slightly high on FG. It tasted really sweet...will this mellow with age or FG to high and will never mellow. Im afraid that with too much age it will lose holiness and remain sweet. Any...
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    Please help

    Ot sure what is wrong with my hops. Yellow leaves at bottom of vine that are dying!!! Under / over watered? Under / over fertilized? My hops right next to this plant are perfect. Hops dying five feet up
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    Thinking of brewing a fruit flavored beer...

    I don't have enough brewing experience to formulate my own so figured I would brew a regular summer blonde and add fruit puree - say 3lbs in secondary....thoughts? Should I use more or less or include in primary instead so not as strong flavor/ aroma? Thanks in advance
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    Hi king of making cider for the first time - issues with using pasteurized cider? That's all I can find...
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    First all grain - non boil

    Just cracked my first all grain. A bit early, just wanted to taste as I'm anxious. Tastes good but extra cloudy - the wort got up to 205 or so but no boil. How does that impact the beer - taste, look, etc Thx
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    2nd all grain in the fermenter

    Just finished my second all grain. First was a disaster but much smoother this time and was only .002 away from estimated OG. Hopefully turns out great - it's a clone for Alesmith IPA.
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    Dry hop in primary?

    Leaving for business tomorrow - for sake of time can I add dry hops to primary after fermentation? Any issues or off flavors?
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    First all grain - help needed

    HI all. Going to try my first all grain this weekend. Thinking the following: 12 lbs tam rinks 2row .8 lbs ham rinks honey malt .8 lbs organic c-20l I want to have a fruit flavored ipa - thoughts are cites and Nelson sauvin - any ideas on hop schedule? Really appreciate any thoughts. Thanks
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    Westvleteren Abt no12 clone

    Finished brewing this beer last night. My og came out around 1.19 vs set at 1.107. Hopefully this brew turns out great - no bubbles in the airlock yet but anxiously awaiting!