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    Viability of Already Opened 34/70 Sachet

    I used about 1/3 packet of 34/70 dry lager yeast about 6 months ago, then crimped and kept the rest in a zip lock bag in the basement. Would the remaining yeast be good to use for keg conditioning? I naturally carbonate my kegged beer with fresh wort, the batch I’m set to keg and krauesen/keg...
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    Pressure ferment a Quad?

    I have a spunding valve, so it's about 10-12 psi. I totally forgot about pressure fermentation subduing the esters in certain beers like Bavarian Weizens, which is why they open ferment them in a lot of German breweries. I just feared not getting proper carbonation when bottling, so I picked...
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    Fermentasaurus 2

    I take it you've seen the video from kegland on the upgrades for the Fermentasaurus 2. I have the original with the pressure kit and love it, but the upgrades spoken of in the video make buying the new Generation 2 version a must-have. The video and comments suggested it's launching in...
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    I've waited several years for this yeast to come back around. I made a Dark Czech Lager with it a few weeks ago and fermented it in my Fermentasaurus in the garage at 50-55F under pressure. I only did a half-gallon starter, and had an OG of 1,070. I brewed the batch with 7 lbs of Czech...
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    Bohemian Lager: Critical success factors?

    Sorry for the late reply! I have tried batch after batch of true-to-style Bohemian Lager, and I would add that you MUST use very, very soft water to brew with. If you can get spring water with low ppm's (50 or so) of hardness you're off to a good start. Harder water will not give you the soft...
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    Is Weyermann's Bohemian Pilsner Malt undermodified??

    I'm eyeing a Bohemian pilsner as an upcoming brew, and wonder if this malt is undermodified or not. I used to use the Budvar malt, which was fantastic; I would double-decoct it and had great results. Anyone try this new stuff from weyermann that looks like it's grown in the Czech Republic but...