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  1. kal

    Hairs of the Dogs brewery build

    FWIW when I built my dedicated basement brewery I mentioned it was much like a kitchen. There was no special needs for them to understand what a counterflow chiller was or how it worked. It was fed directly from the sink. I need a 30A outlet (a dryer outlet). A higher power one may need 50A (a...
  2. kal

    For Sale NY/LI - 3 Vessel Herms Electric System 10 Gallon Kettles

    Interesting! They're rated for 212F and don't melt I guess? Edit: I think I found them here: Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat Set, 4 Pack Mentions that they're neoprene rubber which seems to have a max temp of 275F. Interesting. Cheers! Kal
  3. kal

    For Sale NY/LI - 3 Vessel Herms Electric System 10 Gallon Kettles

    Unrelated to your sale (sorry!) but what do you have as mats under the kettles? What's the material/where'd you get them? Thanks! Kal
  4. kal

    Warning to Spike Trio/Electric Brewing users

    Few will use torque wrenches for electrical connections so I would not be overly concerned about that. I've never in my life (for example) seen an electrician use one when wiring up residential outlets, breakers, or panels. Make sure it's done correctly and reasonably tight to begin with and...
  5. kal

    Warning to Spike Trio/Electric Brewing users

    I list the reasons wires or parts can melt here on my website: Periodic retightening of connections does not need to be done and shouldn't be done if they were done correctly...
  6. kal

    50 amp electric brewing panel OCPD

    Better yet, put the heatsink(s) outside. That's what I do on my panel (and my designs) as I want them to be more or less sealed so that they're water resistant. Some of these panels have been running 2-3 brews/day for years. Cheers! Kal
  7. kal

    Aging/conditioning beer at room temps?

    Room temp is well defined, it's what people consider comfortable: American Heritage Dictionary: room temperature is defined as “around 20–22 °C (68–72 °F)” Oxford English Dictionary: room temperature is “about 20 °C (68 °F)”. More: Room temperature - Wikipedia Kal
  8. kal

    Aging/conditioning beer at room temps?

    There's no black and white answer to this... Storage temperature has a large effect on flavour stability, possibly even larger than oxygen contact. Because of this, most will say to avoid keeping the beer unrefrigerated for extended periods. I keep kegs that are not on tap yet in my...
  9. kal

    EZ Water Calculator 3.0

    I still use it, but only to calculate salt additions and not for pH. I know there have been a lot of advances in trying to calculate or model pH but I still recommend using an actual meter instead of having software guestimate. Good luck! Kal
  10. kal

    Boil kettle condenser - no overhead ventilation needed

    Both work, depends on your needs! Remember that kettles running hot create a lot of heat, even if there's no steam entering the room anywhere. The kettles are like giant radiators giving off heat. One of the things I like about having a vent system in my basement brewery is that it I'm...
  11. kal

    Modobrew's Electric Brewery Build

    Glad to hear you're liking the panel modobrew! Any questions at all please reach out! Kal
  12. kal

    Opinions on the new Sabro hop

    I've definitely heard good things about Citra/Sabro combos. In fact, it's my next scheduled brew. Kal
  13. kal

    RIP Mike Tasty McDole

    He was indeed one of the hosts on The Brewing Network: ABOUT | The Brewing Network Always really respected his brewing knowledge. I remember being interviewed by them almost 10 years ago and being really nervous about Mike being on the panel as the guy knows everything about brewing. He took a...
  14. kal

    Mash tun PID? Needed?

    Bingo! Beer saved. Cheers! Kal
  15. kal

    225's Electric HERMS 20 Gallon Brewery.

    Coming together nicely! Kal
  16. kal

    Opinions on the new Sabro hop

    I think it depends on how it's used in the brewing process, the recipe, water adjustments, and so forth. Some people say it's like a cat litter box (if used incorrectly). All I get is tangerine / sweet fruit mixed with creamy hints of coconut and vanilla. No dill, no cedar, nothing herbal at...
  17. kal

    Opinions on the new Sabro hop

    It's definitely a really unique hop - I find it stands really well on its own if you use it right. There's enough complexity there. I find it pretty cool that there are constantly new hops coming out for us to try out! Kal
  18. kal

    Opinions on the new Sabro hop

    I brewed an all Sabro New England Pale Ale a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it. All late hopping, extended steeping at lower temp (180F), followed by dry hopping during active fermentation and then at end of fermentation. The end result to me was tangerine / sweet fruit mixed with creamy...
  19. kal

    Heady Topper- Can you clone it?

    Bingo. I make my own NEIPA now, my own recipe, partially due to all the learning and reading here and elsewhere. I prefer mine because I make it how I like it but I'm definitely "standing on the shoulders of giants" as the expression goes. Kal
  20. kal

    Rebuilding My Brutus Hybrid Into a Kal Clone

    We've all done that! ;) Gotcha! Sorry, no. The pump receptacles in my 120/240V design supply 120V to the pumps since they're meant only to be used with 120V pumps. The receptacles are (usually) rated to 125V only and 120V is supplied. We use L5-15 (125V/15A) receptacles on this panel. The...