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  1. fbold1

    Buggy hops

    I just picked my hops and put them in a gallon zipper bag. My next step was to put them in the dehydrator, but before I could do that my wife noticed some insects crawling around inside the bag and freaked out. I smashed the offenders that I saw, any further suggestions?
  2. fbold1

    Rip off kit

    Every once in a while I get lazy and buy a kit brew. Up to this point I have always used Brewers Best kits and I have been pleased with them. The other day I was on the road for business, which took me right by a HBS. I made a quick stop there and picked up a True Brew kit. I thought I'd give it...
  3. fbold1

    Christmas Ale

    Brewing Christmas ale today. Tried the BB kit. Anyone else brewing Xmas cheer today? Last year I used my own recipe, came out good but I wanted to compare it to the kit. One thing different, was a pound of sugar rather than the honey that I used.
  4. fbold1


    Anyone use potatoes in brewing beer?