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  1. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Kettle Sightglasses and volume decals

    2 sight glasses. Marking decals. Use the sight glasses for kettles etc and easily know your volumes. All volume decal stickers also available. Use to mark carboys glass jugs, etc. $35 shipped for everything. Or $30 local pickup. Located in Plover WI.
  2. kegtoe

    Wisconsin A419 Johnson Controller (2 available)

    I have 2 Johnson A419 Programable temp controllers. $40 each shipped or 60 for both. Shipping from Central Wisconsin.
  3. kegtoe

    Wisconsin 14 Gal Stainless Pressure capable fermenter

    Stainless Steel 14 gal fermenter with tons of extras. Located in Stevens Point WI. Asking $650 OBO. Chiller coil, spunding valve, temperature gauge, thermowell, Clean In Place Ball, sample valve, locking position butterfly valves, adjustable legs, extra elbow, plain 4" lid, adjustable legs...
  4. kegtoe

    Looking for alternate Sparge Methods for Anvil Foundry

    I'm curious if anyone has been doing alternative sparge methods with the Anvil Foundry, especially on the 10.5. Curious if some are using more than the 1 gallon. Are bag users pulling a bag and sparge in a different vessel? (I used to do this on my BIAB propane system). What other methods? The...
  5. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Krome 4 tap tower with faucets, NIB

    Krome 4 tap Tower with new faucets. New in bag, boxes. Never used. Had plans for a project that never materialized. $135 local pickup in Central Wisconsin or $145 shipped to continuous 48.
  6. kegtoe

    Sold Jaded King Cobra - Central WI (Reduced)

    Jaded King Cobra Wort chiller. Works awesome. Cools fast. Garden hose fittings. These go for $175 new, plus shipping. I'm asking $145 OBO. I might be willing to ship but would prefer local sale first.
  7. kegtoe

    Big Mouth Bubbler Spigot threads?

    Does anyone know what the thread type is on the Siphonless BMB? I was looking to add an elbo to the inside so it doesn't leave so much material behind. The threads are much courser than standard Pipe thread. The old plastic spigots were a little wider and had normal Pipe Thread so you could...
  8. kegtoe

    Help with Hop utilization and IBU calcs

    I always seem to be missing hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. My typical set up is a "hop spider" made with a stainless mesh cylinder from Utah Biodiesel. All grain beers. typically start with 7.5 to 8 gals wort to finish with 6.0 to 6.5 gal into fermenter. My last IPA I had 8 ounces during...
  9. kegtoe

    Off Flavor from kegged beer - Beverage lines?

    I have been having issues from off flavors in my kegged beers. I think it is in my beverage lines. I back flush and recirc BLC through my beverage lines between each keg. How often are folks changing their beer lines on their Kegerators/Keezers? What is a good brand of tubing that doesn't have...
  10. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Stainless Single Tier Brew Stand

    Stainless Steel Brew Stand. Single tier. 3 jet burners with pilot lights. Gas manifold. Rolling casters. 2 March 809 pumps with sight glasses and drains. 2 - 15 gallon pots. 1 has a sight glass. 1 has a false bottom. 0-30 PSI propane regulator. HEAVY DUTY. This thing gets very hot, very fast...
  11. kegtoe

    Bar / Tap Sign

    Anyone have any examples of DIY signs (Chalkboard or whiteboard) that they made to display what beers they have on tap? Any one order a custom sign? I'm looking to Buy/build a custom sign with wood boarders and maybe some permanent printing, and space to list beers on tap.
  12. kegtoe

    Gas manifold to burner questions for single tiers

    For those that have a single tier, 2-3 burner stand: How did you chose to regulate propane to each of the burners? Do you have a regulator from the tank to the manifold and just use valves to control each burner? Or do you have regulators on each burner? Does a valve (if using a needle...
  13. kegtoe

    Wisconsin 2 Wort Chillers for sale

    2 chillers, prefer to sell local due to awkward sizes fro shipping. Let me know if there is any interest. Wort chiller. 6" in diameter roughly 14" wide, could spread the rungs for more width if desired. Made from ~30' of 3/8" copper. 1/2 NPT fitting compatible. $30. Wort chiller...
  14. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Blichmann ThruMometer

    Blichmann Trumometer First $20 paypal gets it shipped to you (lower 48 states).
  15. kegtoe

    Trouble getting hop flavor

    Looking for some help maintaining or getting hop flavor in my beers. Typically good aroma and some bitterness put I struggle to keep or get hop flavor. I just did an IPA that was dry hopped for 12 days with 1 ounce Centennial and 1 ounce Columbus. Tasted really good first couple of days. But...
  16. kegtoe

    Emergency Conical glycol chiller

    Today I brewed 10 gallons for the first time. Usually I've just done 5 gal Extract and AG batches. I had 2 extract kits laying around that I wanted to use up. I also have a Brewhemoth that I won last year at the AHA in Michigan. Today was the first day to out that bad boy to use. Once I...
  17. kegtoe

    looking for examples attaching to house fascia

    For those of you running hops up along your homes or garages - I'm looking for ways to attach twine to the fascia along my garage roof. Any pictures, examples, or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  18. kegtoe

    HELP, quick advice needed on possibel LP regulator fault

    Quick, need some help. My regulator started spitting took some star San and saw this!!! I'm assuming not safe to use???
  19. kegtoe

    Wisconsin Oxygen regulator

    For sale oxygen regulator and tubing. $23 buck shipped to the lower 48. I accept paypal
  20. kegtoe

    Show us your grain storage

    Let see all those Homer Buckets, dog food bins, elaborate setups, and closets full of grain. Whether you are storing bulk base grains or have creative ideas for storing specialty grains. Post your pics here!