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  1. RampantOctopus

    Corny Keg's Pick 5 Hopzoil Giveaway!

  2. RampantOctopus

    DC Area Group Grain Buy #27

    I’m near DT Silver Spring and feel like Columbia and Rockville are totally within bounds. A bunch of DC Homebrewers (club members) including myself went in on a Murphy & Rude grain buy which was a pretty good deal and I drove some sacks around town to help distribute. That said, I’d be down to...
  3. RampantOctopus

    Sold NEW GF Glycol Chiller, 110V - Arlington, VA

    Yeah, I just can’t justify it in light of my current financials. Someone should scoop that up— it’s a fantastic deal.
  4. RampantOctopus

    Sold NEW GF Glycol Chiller, 110V - Arlington, VA

    wow. you've got me crunching numbers wondering if it's time to upgrade from fermenting in kegs. great offer.
  5. RampantOctopus

    DC Area Group Grain Buy #27

    Are you guys on the FB DC Homebrewers group b/c there’s a guy who is putting together a buy from Murphy & Rude Malting in Charlottesville VA — looks like $55 sacks of base malts. Never used them before but for the price I’m interested in checking it out. Anyhow:
  6. RampantOctopus

    DC Area Group Grain Buy #27

    Yeah, I share that interest; in the meantime, a plug for Maryland homebrew— email Kris for an aha price list. They’re very competitive.
  7. RampantOctopus

    Replacement firmware for iSpindel (GravityMon)

    That's interesting man... Soooo, there's still an intermediary bridge that is the webserver (ie, an always-on pi) or are you saying that the iSpindle actually hosts a web service (for as long as the battery lasts? can't be, right)? Anyhow-- I'm intrigued. Certainly following this thread... Thanks!
  8. RampantOctopus

    FS PicoBrew Pico S & Brew Kegs - Unopened (Houston)

    For anyone interested, these machines still have a future thanks to the active users here (PicoBrew Pico users) and the Picobrewers group... without custom bins, these can make wort in manual mode; with the custom bins, they're like mini Z's... If you're considering taking bamaster up on the...
  9. RampantOctopus

    For Sale Ispindel

    ... which also means that the iSpindle can work without a pi/phone/other repeater to link it to your router and the internet at large. I have both tilts and iSpindles and like them for different reasons-- eg, I like the iSpindles more for the wifi but I also think the tilt's size and seals are...
  10. RampantOctopus

    Delta Brewing Systems 14 Gallon FermTank Giveaway!

    Oh wow, that looks awesome. Thanks for the contest Delta Brewing Systems!
  11. RampantOctopus

    I'm dying ...

  12. RampantOctopus

    For Sale Free Pico S

    Good timing for anyone who wants to pair this with the reusable picopak, the pico-free... I believe this is the last production run and the cart closes this weekend. Pico Free - Brew the beer of your dreams -- see the post here: PicoBrew Pico users
  13. RampantOctopus

    Illinois Free: Oxygen Concentrator and bottles. $50: 10gal MLT and 5gal HLT

    I’m kinda shocked no one has jumped on the O2 concentrator. Wrong city. Nice of you though.
  14. RampantOctopus

    🔥GIVEAWAY🔥Hello members! Inkbird would like to give FREE here.

    Those gloves look pretty useful. Thanks inkbird.
  15. RampantOctopus

    Cyber Monday Week Giveaway—Enter to Win WiFi ITC-308 Temperature Controller!

    Would love this upgrade to a wifi ITC! Thanks Inkbird!
  16. RampantOctopus

    For Sale Ispindel

    Thanks cayde1001, received mine this afternoon, got them on my network and talking to brewfather in five min flat. Can’t wait to track a batch with them. These look great.