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  1. sgraham602

    North Carolina Pro Brewers Siphon

    I backed the kickstarter for this Siphon a few years back and recently received the finished product. Unfortunately I am no longer brewing, so I have no use for the Siphon. It has never been used and is still in the original packaging. See the link below for a full description of the product...
  2. sgraham602

    North Carolina 10g Electric Colorado Brewing System !!!!!

    Image1%281%29 by sgraham602 posted Dec 22, 2017 at 3:06 PM This is a single vessel electric system from Colorado Brewing Systems. It is the original "Down Under" system that as a 20 gal kettle, electrical panel, and a custom hoist/trolley system. The system is great for moving to a single vessel...
  3. sgraham602

    North Carolina Blichmann Quick Carb

    Practically new Blichmann Quick Carb. It's been used 3 times. Absolutely love it, just no longer have a need for it. PM for shipping cost. $125
  4. sgraham602

    North Carolina Ranco 2 Stage Temp Controller

    Ranco Two stage temp controller for sale. Works great. Missing 'cool' output cover, but still works great! PM for shipping cost. $75
  5. sgraham602

    North Carolina 5 Tap Kegerator

    FOR SALE: 5 Tap kegerator. Includes 5 perlick taps with lines and ball lock connections, gas line distributor with lines/connections, and CO tank regulator. *Does not include CO2 tank or kegs. $350 Also have a stout faucet and Nitrogen setup that I can toss in for - $70 (before...
  6. sgraham602

    North Carolina Equipment Sale

    I'm making a drastic downsize on my equipment as I don't have as much time to brew as I did in the past. Below is a list of everything that I have. I'd entertain selling as a bulk set of equipment and have also listed some prices for individual pieces. Would prefer local sales (i travel NC...
  7. sgraham602

    North Carolina 14G SS Brewtech Chronical with FTS System

    For Sale: 14 Gallon SS Brewtech Chronical. This conical has dual ports for sampling and for dumping yeast. It is a very nice set up and has the cooling system (Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System per Brewtech). It uses a temp probe with a controller to pump cold liquid through a...
  8. sgraham602

    North Carolina Colorado Brewing Systems Electric Single Vessel

    This is a single vessel electric system from Colorado Brewing Systems. It is the original ‘Down Under’ system that as a 20 gal kettle, electrical panel, and a custom hoist/trolley system. The system is great for moving to a single vessel style of brewing that cuts down on brewing...
  9. sgraham602

    North Carolina Love Controller TS-13010

    I've got a brand new (still in the box) Dwyer Love Controller. It's the TS-13010 model. I've used these in the past when building control panels to auto fire gas valves. Can be seen on my ebay listing. Thanks...
  10. sgraham602

    North Carolina Counter Flow Chiller

    Barely used Counter Flow Chiller for sale. I purchased it from NY Brew Supply. It is the following model: It's only seen 3-4 brew sessions. Just not the right chiller for my set up...
  11. sgraham602

    Love TS-13010 Troubleshoot

    So yesterday I pushed the up and down buttons simultaneously on the love controller connected to my HLT burner and it seems to have locked me out of the set points. When I push the 'set' button, nothing happens. I have also tried holding the set button down and turning the controller on while...
  12. sgraham602

    PH Meter Replacement

    I have been using a Milwaukee MT102 PH meter with pretty good results. However the probe has recently gone bad and needs to be replaced. This is not a cheap replacement (about $50). I'm cool with the upkeep and cost of ownership of a PH meter, but I'm wondering if its worth it to continue on...
  13. sgraham602

    Grain mill motor

    Would this work to drive my grain mill? I don't know a whole lot about motors. It looks like this one has a gear ratio to bring it down to 178rpms BODINE NSH-33R GEARED DC MOTOR 1/20HP 115VDC 0.63 AMPS 173RPM 11.9INLBS
  14. sgraham602

    Gigayeast Viability

    I have a gold pitch package from Gigayeast (vermont IPA) that was produced on 4/4/15. I know its pretty dated, but I'm trying to figure out if I can still make a starter with it? According to Mr. Malty the viability should be about 10%...however the gigayeast package has a much higher cell...
  15. sgraham602

    North Carolina Custom 10g Top Tier Setup

    Looking to sell my top tier system that I have customized over the last few years. It is an awesome system, but my brewing is starting to take me in a different route. Includes: -Three Burner Top Tier -Automated controller for HLT, MLT, and Pump -15 gallon Morebeer HLT -Keggle MLT w/false...
  16. sgraham602

    BIAB low gravity

    I'm in the process of liquidating my three tiered system with the idea of transitioning to a eBIAB (from Colorado Brewing Systems!) and am trying to wrap my head around the BIAB process. I understand using the total needed water during the mash...however. Is there anything different that needs...
  17. sgraham602

    Forgot Gypsum

    Brewing an IPA this AM and realized I have no gypsum. I build off of my tap water which has very low mineral content and is pretty void of sulfates. I've got some calcium chloride that I can get my CA levels up with. Should I use some Burton Salts instead? (My instincts tell me not to) or...
  18. sgraham602

    staggered late hopping vs single addition

    So I've been working on a Session IPA recipe and am wonder whether there is a discernible difference between doing staggered late hop additions (i.e. equal parts at 15, 10, 5, and 0) versus doing a single large late addition (at say 10 or 0). If all things are equal (Bitterness Ratio and IBUs)...
  19. sgraham602

    Whirlpool issues

    So I'm stumped! I have a pump that I use throughout the brewing process (recirc, sparge, transfers). However, when I reach the end of the will not whirlpool through by whirlpool inlet. I can whirlpool PBW while cleaning, but not wort at the end of the boil. I've tried all sorts of...
  20. sgraham602

    ISO: Rare Barrel

    Love to get my hands on anything from the Rare Barrel. I have access to Wicked Weed sours and Westbrook.