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  1. StrongBad42

    Not even three hours into a starter. Activity already?

    I hope this picture posts ok. Is this normal for a starter to look like this after about 2.5 hours? I did throw in a pinch of yeast energizer.
  2. StrongBad42

    Is it possible to pitch too much yeast?

    I'm going to make a starter for an OG of 1.086. The Brewer's Friend calculator said I need 323 billion cells. With a 2L starter I would get 462 billion cells. Is that too much? Does that calculator take into account left over cells needed for priming?
  3. StrongBad42

    Harvesting yeast for a Hopslam clone

    I'm going to buy some Bell's Amber Ale to harvest from. I'm just wondering how many I should use? It will be going into a 3L starter.
  4. StrongBad42

    Culturing yeast from a bottle

    I thought I've been through a thread that had step-by-step instructions how to do it. Can someone please direct me to the thread?
  5. StrongBad42

    Question about air temp in fermenting fridge

    I'm brewing a hopslam clone and recently hooked up an ITC-1000 to our extra fridge. I was thinking of keeping the air temp inside the fridge to about 60 degrees. Should be ok, yeah?
  6. StrongBad42

    Help wiring ITC-1000 into refrigerator thermostat

    I've been looking through the forums and am having a hard time finding what I need. I'd like to wire an ITC-1000 into a refrigerator thermostat and still be able to keep the freezer on top functional. Can anyone direct me to a diagram or video?
  7. StrongBad42

    Adding LME at flameout

    That's ok to do right? I added 1 lb of DME before boil, and I want to add the 6 lb LME late to keep the color lighter. Is it ok to do at flameout or should I boil the LME for a bit?
  8. StrongBad42

    Does this recipe look ok?

    I want to brew a batch for a birthday party. I'm looking for a crowd pleaser and wheat beers usually do the trick. This is what I've come up with. Fermentables: 6 lbs wheat LME 3 lbs light LME Steeping grains: .75 lbs crystal 20 .5 lbs white wheat .25 lbs honey malt Hops: .5 oz...
  9. StrongBad42

    Got a few hopslam for trade

    I'm looking for some good double IPAs, or Imperial stouts to trade for
  10. StrongBad42

    Brewers Best Belgian IPA. What yeast should I use?

    Just trying to get some ideas from people that have done Belgian IPAs before. Ingredients: 6.6 lb. Pilsen LME 1.0 lb. Soft Candi Sugar 8 oz. Caramel 30L 4 oz. Flaked Wheat .5 oz. Magnum 1 oz. Simcoe 2 oz. Chinook Schedule: 0.5 oz Magnum @60 1 oz. Simcoe @25 Soft Candi...
  11. StrongBad42

    Possibly the coolest thing in all of beer

    It's just... so cool
  12. StrongBad42

    First 9 reviews are from homebrewers.

    Just thought I would share this. I wanted to see what people had to say about the Home Depot 10 gallon cooler. The first 9 reviews based on relevancy are from homebrewers who converted it to a mash tun. I love you guys...
  13. StrongBad42

    FT: Double Cooked Tree and Plead the 5th... ISO: Zombie Dust

    The title says it all. I'm really only looking for Zombie Dust right now.
  14. StrongBad42

    How much fruit should I use?

    Hey gang, I just had a batch of a slightly modified MAOM finish in primary, and I'm thinking of doing a secondary with some mango. I was just wondering how much I should use and how long to let the mead sit on the fruit before I rack it for some bulk aging. It's a 2 gallon batch and I'd like a...
  15. StrongBad42

    I pitched Lalvin D47 at 85 degrees, am I boned?

    Did my first mead tonight. Everything was perfect until I pitched the yeast. I was cooling the mead down with a ice water bath, but when I saw the yeast was done I just pitched it without thinking. I threw a thermometer in there to check it quick and it read 85. Am I going to need to repitch...
  16. StrongBad42

    Is there an evil cousin clone out there?

    I've searched high and low, but can't find one. Does anyone know of/have a recipe that can get me close?
  17. StrongBad42

    I found the EAC thread!!!

    I feel like I finally got an official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle! It took some digging, but I finally found it. Am I part of the cool kids club now?
  18. StrongBad42

    Does adding corn sugar after fermentation has started change the original OG?

    I'm brewing a double IPA. The last time I brewed it, I threw everything into the boil and couldn't get the FG below 1.02. This time I'm going to wait for the yeast to eat some of the malt before I add the sugar. Does it change the original OG if I do it this way? I would think that it wouldn't...
  19. StrongBad42

    I need to convert one pound of Munich malt. Please help

    My LHBS only has Munich extract in 3 lb jugs and I only need .5 lbs for a small batch. I bought one pound of Munich malt and am thinking of putting it in 150 degree water and putting it in the oven for a half hour at 150 degrees. Will this work?
  20. StrongBad42

    Will keeping an IPA in the fridge decrease aroma and flavor loss?

    I guess the topic really says it all. I know that IPAs will lose aroma and flavor over time, and I was just wondering if keeping them in the refrigerator will preserve them.