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    Foam from corny keg......

    I would have to agree with the clogged dip tube theory. Try shooting some C02 through the beer out on the keg, may clear the clog.
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    Keg to Keg with Autosiphon

    Had the same issue not long ago, cut the tube, still clogged. Then I remembered I had something similar to this I won at my clubs party. Worked great!
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    Any interest in a Clawson/nearby areas(Michigan) homebrew club?

    CRAFT member here who recently moved to Clawson. I'm always down for a brew day with people in the area, or if you are interested in CRAFT feel free to hit me up and I can give you some info.
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    I need help

    +1 from what jag said, clean everything first and I bet you will be good to go.
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    Imperial Stout Ten Fidy Clone

    If its not too late you could add some amylase enzyme but do so carefully it can dry out the beer too much. Some may warn against it but I have used it before with success
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    Michigan Johnson Controls A419 - Michigan

    Where in Michigan?
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    Illinois Blichmann, Burners, Refractometer

    How big is the boilermaker?
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    Michigan Rhizomes for trade

    I have two people who I promised some once they pick what they want you will be next. Should still have some I'll let you know in a couple of days.
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    Michigan Rhizomes for trade

    Sure, sounds great. I just said I wanted to try making some rice wine just the other day. I would like to get them to you soon so they can be planted, I'm not sure how long they are good for once harvested. We can go on the honor system and once you have everything bottled you can let me know.
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    Michigan Rhizomes for trade

    Yup still available
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    Michigan Rhizomes for trade

    Tell you what, grab a 6 pack of something you always wanted to try, maybe something local, that you normally wouldn't buy, and split it with me. I'm not trying to make money just doing it for fun.
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    Michigan Rhizomes for trade

    Where are you located?
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    Michigan Rhizomes for trade

    I harvested some rhizomes from my cascade and centennial hop plants. If anybody in the Sterling heights area would like to trade some homebrews for some, let me know. Local pickup only I just don't want them to go to waste.
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    Keggle setup

    Was wondering how most have their keggles set up for boiling. Sightglass or not? Thermo? Diptube? etc. Im in the process of building one and I like the idea of all the bells and whistles but not if its just more to clean without much benefit.
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    How much lactic acid would you use?

    I use a wine conditioner to back sweeten a cider I brew. Its basically sorbate and sugar. This works for me because I keg if you plan on bottling it won't carb because of the sorbate.
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    Belgian IPA. How long from grain to glass?

    I would love to see the Raging Bitch recipe. I like me some bitch!
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    Experimental Beer Slim's Graham Cracker Ale 2.0

    Was thinking of giving this recipe a try one question..Are the numbers correct? Beersmith estimates it at 1.062 (without the crackers)@%72. Will the crackers bring the SG up that much?
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    Keezer build white to black question

    I had used plasti-dip on mine. Its the stuff you use to put ruberized handles on hand tools. It worked great, stayed flexible, and still sealed well. They sell it in spray cans for about $6 at Home Depot.
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    Cilantro Lime Wheat Beer

    I was hoping to brew this on wednesday, any thoughts?