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  1. J

    Control Panel with On/Off/Auto Switches

    I'm designing up a control panel for an electric BIAB setup. I'm looking for it to have two modes, three with off. On, which is basically just on and then auto where the relay is connected to a automated controller of some sort, craftbeerpi, brewblox, PID controller, etc. I haven't come...
  2. J

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist?

    Do gaskets for 1.5" Tri Clamp flanges (2" diameter) with a 3/4" bore exist? I see there's a number of 3/4" tube OD with 1.5" flange parts, tees, valves, hose barbs, out there. I'm wondering if the gaskets for these exist. Note, I'm not talking about the standard Tri-Clamp 1/2" or 3/4" with a...
  3. J

    LODO and Fitting Size Changes

    I've been out of brewing for a while but finally decided to jump back in. I'm building up a new BIAB recirculation system. I'm trying to keep LODO in mind to try once it's all up and running. I know BIAB is hard because of the aeration when pulling the bag, but I've some ideas there or I'll...
  4. J

    Valve diameter's impact on flow

    I'm finally putting together the setup I want. I'm buying valves, barbs and hose. Has anyone had any issues with different inner diameters in their wort flow path for recirc and whirlpooling? Will a 1.5" TC valve with a 1.375" ID cause issues? Is a 1" TC valves with 0.875" going to be...
  5. J

    15 or 20 Gal Kettle for 5-10 gallon batches

    I'm trying to get a new 5-11 gallon full volume e-BIAB brew system in place. I would like to do full mashes when possible. I'd really like the option to do 10 Gallons on occasion. I was initially thinking 20 gallon kettles. However, with the standard 1.2 ratio kettle dimensions and the...