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    my wine has gas in it, can i get rid of it?

    Hello, I made about 18 bottles of elderflower wine 2 months ago and opened one last night (i couldn't wait any longer) and it was ever so slightly bubbly. If I open all my other bottles and let the gas leave can I rebottle them again and have wine ready for christmas? Kind regards, Sam.
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    Elderflower Wine is too Sweet & Strong, can I fix it before bottling?

    Hi, I'm making elderflower wine for the first time and I'll be bottling it in a week or so, but after checking it today it's very sweet and may be very strong if I'm using the correct calculation. O.G. 0.9 and Gravity today 0.64. My calculation is 0.9 - 0.64 = 0.26 x 131 = 34.06. Is my...
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    My Gravity Reading Has Barely Moved, What Have I Done Wrong?

    Hello, I'm brewing a Bulldog Triple Tykes Export Ale. It says everything is in the kit so does not need any extra sugar added. However I did add 500g of spraymalt to increase the abv. OGR was 1048 and today after two weeks the GR is 1030. So a little over 2% abv. Airlock was bubbling nicely...