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    figuring out fermentation timeline

    I just recently finished some home brewing projects, due to the current lock down of most states... that being said... need some guidance or opinions on what i am about to state... I converted a fridge into a fermentation fridge. what i mean that, is i have it connected to a ITC 308 wifi...
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    Upgrade to Equipment/ Fermentation

    Thanks for the input, let me give some clarifying input into the way i am moving out, so others can give some advice: * I am gonna stick with 5 gallon buckets for fermenting. * i am taking my current beer fridge and will turn it into my first stage for fermenting (will figure out temp control) *...
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    Upgrade to Equipment/ Fermentation

    Happy Holidays All, Wasn't sure where to post this, so ill start here. Quick background... Got back into brewing at home about 3 years ago now. *First year was just a simple start kit, brewing on the stove with extract kits/messing around with recipts. Brewed maybe a total of 45 gallons. *...
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    CraftBeer Pi Settings

    Just finished building how my home electric setup (that i will post a bit later), powered by a raspberry pi, with craft beer pi as the software. Its version 3. my questions is this, who is using this software, with what settings, for the heating element and what are they. Like hysteresis...
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    Is there any way to wire in a BCS Temperature Probe into the Raspberry Pi to have it work with the CraftBeer Pi software. I picked on up for free from a buddy and it has a TC connection, with my kettle has, and i am trying to use it (if i can). I have other DS1820s, but trying to save myself...
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    I thought someone would say that. another questions... anyone know a good site to get the DS18B20 temp sensors and the MDR 40 amp SSR with heat sink, that isnt going to cost alot? not that i have a complete issue with this, but i would prefer not to pay china for these parts and get them from...
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    Building New Boil Kettle

    I am in the process of building my first all electric setup. It will be a 15/16G kettle with a ball value, temp prob, and heating element. I am most likely going the 240 route, with one of these 3 options:
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    CraftBeerPi - Raspberry Pi Software

    I have been search and have not found a good source for this answer: I installed version 2.2 on my pi. how do i deinstall this (completely). I then want to install 3.x. anyone have a good link for that? looking to automate my new electric setup that i am building and using an old pi/touch...
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    Electric or Propane??

    i have some thoughts to add, given the comments and opinion i have received so far (thank you all). But to add to this... assume i go the electric route/240 with 5500w element using my raspberry pi. i have seen some diagrams where i do not need a contractor that the power first goes to for...
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    hello from MD

    been a long time reader of this site and figured i would join, given i am upgrading my set up and need some good advice from expert home brews. passionate about beer, the quality (and quantity; im irish lol), and just love how stuff like this brings people together, regardless of there...
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    Electric or Propane??

    I know this question has been asked and answer I dont know how many times, but im still new to the site and challenged to make a decision. I have out grown my kitchen and my partial extract brews (and my wife is kicking me out of it, considering we just had our 4th kid). So, i am using this to...
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    Brew Kettle Size and Outfitting

    I have been brewing with a NB kit (5 gallon kettle) for about a year now, doing all extract beers on my kitchen stove. I have completely out grown this, as I want to get into larger batches and all grain brewing. I was looking at getting a 15/16 gallon kettle with level marking inside to...