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    Blichmann Beer Gun Leaking Bad

    I waited more than 2 months to get this Beer Gun and it has me super frustrated. At rest beer sprays out the end. Pressure is set to 5 psi, so it is not the pressure. I am going to do my best to describe what is happening though. I am attaching a video in a zip file where you will see when I...
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    First Time Freezing Yeast using Glycerin

    Today was my first time harvesting yeast and freezing with a glycerin solution, 15% solution including yeast. I checked and the tube is frozen solid. Is this what should happen? I thought the liquid would remain fluid.
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    Room Temp Keg to Growlers? Can it be done if I keep Pressure??

    Here is what I am looking to do, I have a Pale Ale in a keg that I want to take on vacation for the week. I dont have a way to keep the keg refrigerated (I naturally carbonated in the keg) so I want to fill growlers from the room temp keg and then refrigerate the growlers, using a portable CO2...
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    Red Apple Ale - Adding Apple Juice (secondary or bottling)?

    Today I brewed an American Cream Ale that I plan on turning into a red apple ale,my initial plan is to add 1 gallon of fresh juiced Apple juice when I go to secondary and let sit 2 weeks before bottling. Am I okay to add the Apple juice to secondary or should I wait until just before bottling?
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    Just getting into it!

    Well I'm hooked on home brewing and I have not even tried my first batch. It's just a ton of fun!