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    8 years and never had anything look like this... Help

    Ok. So I made an extract based IPA. It contained dried lemon and orange peel which I may have left in for...a couple weeks. Fast forward a few months and every bottle has these white spots and the beer is totally flat. I've been brewing for 8 years and never had anything like this happen...
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    hop-honey? Anyone familiar with hop-honey? Thoughts on what it will do to a brew?
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    Colonial Brewing

    I don't actually brew anymore, but when I was really into it I used to argue with my friends who didn't brew gluten free that they needed to expand their understanding of beer beyond the reinheitsgebot. Not sure if anyone here ever watches the Youtube Channel Townsends but I recently saw one...
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    rice malt

    I've been seeing more rice malt available such as this: I'm wondering if anyone has tried this or a similar product? If so I'm wondering: 1) how well does it work? Does it convert well? What style does it take to create tye conversion? 2) How does it...
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    Alternate to kegging

    I saw this posted on Facebook today and it looks pretty awesome. It is like a Keurig but for beer. And just in case someone says something--I don't know these guys, I'm not benefiting from this. HEck, I didn't even contribute money to the kickstarter--but I still hope they raise the funds and...
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    dry hopped cider preferences?

    I enjoy dry hopped cider and I have used cascade and hallertau hops. Currently, I am thinking of doing a batch with Mt. Hood and I just wondered what your favorite hop was for dry hopping cider?
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    Anyone familiar with Beerlao?

    Yes, one of those posts. On a travel show last night in Laos, they mentioned a rice whiskey lao-lao. So I looked into the Lao-lao and came across Beerlao which is apparently the national beer of laos. From what I can tell it is made from Jasmine rice and millet, which would make it gluten free...
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    "Red Bamboo" recipe ideas?

    My wife purchased 2lbs of "Japanese Red Bamboo" honey for me for Christmas. It comes from Japanese Knotweed but is, I guess, called red bamboo because that is more appealing. It is a red honey with a sweet taste, according to the label. I thought I might make a 1 gallon batch but I usually...
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    Apple IPA

    I love my hard cider that I dry-hop with cascade hops. I think this sounds like a delicious idea that I may have to try. Anyone out in Oregon able to pick any up and taste it--please post here with your thoughts on how it worked out...
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    Surprise Pumpkin Patch Ale (Gluten Free)

    As my family continues to grow I have been brewing less beer and more cider. But I have this week off so I thought I'd brew a beer or two. We have a large (30 at least), unplanned, unplanted pumpkin patch in our back yard. I was looking at it yesterday and thought, "Why not?" So I went and...
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    New Planet Amber Ale

    Has anyone had this yet? Looking at the website, the ingredients look almost exactly like something many of us would make...except they use "caramel color." That is kind of surprising since I don't like any of their beers.
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    Louisiana Lemonade

    I realize this isn't exactly a cider...not sure where to post. A few years back my wife and I visited New Orleans and I "discovered" Louisiana Lemonade which is basically lemonade and rum. But I found it very enjoyable and refreshing. So I thought I'd try to duplicate it but with hard...
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    Pa ipa

    PA IPA 3 Gallon Batch 3lbs Briess White Sorghum Syrup 1lb 6oz Brown Rice Syrup 8oz Belgian Candi Syrup--Dark 8oz Belgian candi Syrup--clear 8oz maltodextrine The above were all added at start of 60 minute boil hops boil 60 mins 1.0 Columbus pellet boil 5 mins 0.5 Columbus pellet boil 1...
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    1st Date Dunkel

    Of all my GF beers, this one was the most popular with my non-gluten free friends. 5 Gallon Batch 1/2lb of Amaranth soaked and then boiled for 30 minutes 1lb of dark toasted millet both steeped in water at 145 for 45 minutes, strained out, sparged and then bring to boil. At 60 minute mark...
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    Cascade APA (gluten free)

    My last 3 brews have been disappointing. I think I engaged in too much experimentation. WHatever the case, I really hate spending all of that time brewing and then having a finished product that is....meh. I have read about 15 minute IPAs and decided I would try one. But rather then just brew it...
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    xanthan gum vs. guar gum

    They sell head retention powder which is a mixture of dextrose and guar gum. 1oz for a 5 gallon batch. I'm wondering if I could make my own at home and use xanthan gum. Any thoughts?
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    Belgian Graff

    I originally posted this in the gluten free forum since that is what I primarily brew but no one had much to say so I thought I'd share it in the cider forum. I made this up spur of the moment so I hope it tastes good. It is currently bubbling away in my basement. 3 1/2 gallons of apple juice...
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    Belgian Graff (Gluten Free)

    Well, I brewed this up today. I kind of made the recipe up spur of the moment so I hope it turns out okay. 3 1/2 gallons of apple juice poured in the primary bucket 30 minute boil At 30 add 1lb 5oz brown rice syrup At 30 add 1oz Saaz At 10 add .5oz Saaz At 5 add .5oz Cascade At 5 add...
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    Best GF brew of 2012?

    Well, it is New Year's Eve so I wondered three things about gluten free brewing 1) What was your favorite GF recipe of this past year? 2) What was the favorite recipe of your friends/family of this past year? 3) What is one thing you have learned about GF brewing this past year...
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    question about candi syrups (gluten free)

    Okay, so this is a tribute to my Columbus, Oh and alma mater roots of OSU. Friday my wife and newborn will be out of town so I'm planning on brewing up 3 batches. Its hard to brew when you have a baby! This beer will be on the brew deck: Silver Bullets (all columbus) IPA 3lbs Sorghum...