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  1. J

    A real fermentation problem!

    I brewed a "possible" lager over 120 hours ago. 12 lbs pilsner malt, 0.5 lbs caraaroma malt, and 0.5 lbs honey malt, plus some hops. 5 gallon batch with an OG of 1.064. Mash was 90 minutes long. Water was distilled with some added, epsom salt, calcium carbonate, baking soda, calcium...
  2. J

    Muntons Carb Drops / Tabs ruin every beer

    Me and a buddy of mine have been brewing "experimental" batches about 1 Friday per month, comparing yeasts, dry hops, etc... And it has been going so-so. Many of our small batches have been disgusting. Not our full 5 gallon forced carb'd batches, just the little bottled batches. We tried to...
  3. J

    How cold can you ferment a lager?

    I've been searching the boards on my phone app, which isn't as good for searches as the real site, looking for the low end of acceptable lager fermentation temperatures. I found high end discussions but I need the other extreme. I have a small redbull fridge that maintains 46F-48F on the highest...
  4. J

    Syrupy fruit wine has stalled

    I have two gallons of citrus wine in carboys that have stalled. They taste very syrupy, almost like maple syrup, and I can't get the fermentation started back up to finish the sugar off no matter how I repitch the yeast. The initial sg was high at 1.15, now the sg is at about 1.10. Any advice?
  5. J

    How long have you been using your...

    plate and frame heat exchanger? Months? Years?
  6. J

    Frozen beer, but still able to carbonate?

    I have this nifty reed bull cooler from a while back, it is a tall cylinder that I was hoping would only cool to the upper 40's so I could try a lager. But, it cools to 30F. So my primed beer, which was partly carbonated for 2 weeks and I couldn't wait any longer, froze. At least the ones by...
  7. J

    Five one gallon secondaries from five gallon primary

    I brewed five gallons of a wheat beer using a wheat extract, 1 lb munich malt, 1 lb crystal malt, 60 minute tettnang hops, and 10 minute hallertau. It is fermenting at 73 because that is as cold as my wife can take it. Once it is done in primary in two weeks it will be split into five little...
  8. J

    Morebeer kits dod

    How often does put their kits as a deal of the day? I was thinking about getting the irish red kit but I'm brewing this weekend, and I won't be brewing again until late april. The wife gives me a monthly budget so march is for making a wort chiller.
  9. J

    Allergy or bacteria filled keg lines?

    Ok so we all love the bars with the selection of 150+ beers. I even have gift cards to use from xmas. But, I have run into a problem lately, twice at world of beer trying the different beers on tap and once at a local pub drinking yuengling on tap. I wake up the next morning sick with a cold...
  10. J

    What kind of sugar is this?

    My LHBS(i think that's the right acro) gave me a small bag of finely granulated priming sugar (really small grains). The problem is its not labeled. How can you figure out what kind of sugar is so I know how much to add? ( my first batch of one and done ale is delicious by the way! what a great...
  11. J

    Is Sam Adams on their way?

    Not sure if Sam has been talked to death or not, my search options are limited on my phone. But I think it's great to see this company finally making money and generating a steady cash flow. They seem to spend a lot more, as a percentage of their revenue, on their ingredients and RnD then the...
  12. J

    Wort chiller with press fitting

    Ok, this addicting hobby is starting to dip into my son's diaper money! I have to wrap him in old tshirts. ;) Trying to make a wort chiller with a precooler, to take down the temp of the ground water. I can get 50ft of 3/8 copper tubing for $40. Question is, does anyone know of a press...
  13. J

    Starting a new brew this week and...

    The ingredients arrived for my cherry wheat attempt, but instead of Oregon cherry puree, which I ordered, I got Vintner's Harvest. What's the difference?
  14. J

    Oxygen in the primary fermentor

    My bro came over to check out the new room with the fermenting beer and wine and he leaned on the lid of the bucket, when he got up it sucked a bunch of air in, and probably water from the airlock. Should this be ok or is it time to bottle the beer and drink it, which I wouldn't mind. It has...
  15. J

    Wort reduction DMS

    My stove top can only bring my brew pot to a simmer and only boils with the lid on. Has anyone here ever tried reducing the wort with a long simmer to help reduce DMS, and then adding water back in at the end? Or would this just make more DMS?
  16. J

    Ductboard Cooler for low fermentation temps

    I'm trying to create an insulated cooler with a lid, (lid will have hole for airlock), for keeping fermentation temperatures down in the 60s. I want to put a few ice packs in the cooler. I live in south florida and the apartment is at 75+ usually, and my first beer was done bubbling through the...