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  1. Chuginator

    Where in the world is EdWort?

    Still alive? Still brewing? Happy? Sad? In jail? :) I'm sure there are a lot of folks on here that still need to call him a really bad name after having had too much Apfelwein!
  2. Chuginator

    Funky Newcastle

    Went to the pub last night and the bartender brought me a sampler of regular Newcastle brown ale. He asked "do you think this is Newcastle?" It was cloudy for one, but it also seemed to be hoppier than I remembered Newcastle being. It was still good, but certainly didn't seem to be "correct"...
  3. Chuginator

    Stuck fermentation

    Hi guys/gals, I was going to bottle two batches of mead that have aged nearly one year, but their gravities are still 1.033 (10 lbs honey in 4 gals water) and 1.048 (15 lbs honey in 4 gals water). When originally put in the carboys, I added 2 tsp of Wyeast mead nutrient, and oxygenated well...
  4. Chuginator

    History of Graf / Graff

    For some reason, I thought graff was an ancient beverage, like mead. Then I got word that Stephen King invented Graf (see latest Brewing TV episode). What is the history of graff?
  5. Chuginator

    Swan Lager

    Is the Australian Swan Lager still being produced? If so, anyone know where I can pick up some to try?
  6. Chuginator

    Arduino+XBee Dual-stage Temp Controller

    Who doesn't need a wirelessly-controlled fermentation fridge? Figured it'd be the bee's knees for automated temperature ramps when lagering. This logs data to and can be controlled from my Linux server (Debian). Records ambient air, ambient fridge air, and carboy temps (carboy sensor taped...
  7. Chuginator


    I'm on a mission later today to find out which one I like best! Life is tough sometimes! :mug:
  8. Chuginator

    Did copper flux ruin my brew?

    Did a brew today, and used a copper immersion chiller that I had a plumber friend work up. I (thought I) cleaned the chiller the best I could in order to remove the flux - the greasy black crap. I boiled it for 10 minutes in a test-run, and thought it was all dealt with. However... after...
  9. Chuginator

    Burton Ale beer question

    Reading Mosher's "Tasting Beer," and he mentions a Burton Ale as an historic style. "This darker cousin to IPA was what the Burton brewers were cooking up before the huge phenomenon of IPA hit them. These were rich, deep-amber, even brown-colored beers with a lot of residual sweeetness and...
  10. Chuginator

    Starting a hole without a punch

    Going to drill two holes in my Bayou Classic 62-qt HLT soon, but one thing is tripping me up. I don't want to use a punch on it, because the stainless is thin enough that I think it'll dent it. Is there another way to get a starter hole going for the step bit without using a punch, other than...
  11. Chuginator

    Can water chemistry change?

    I'm about to send a sample of my well water off to Ward Labs, and got to thinking - does well water chemistry change significantly over the seasons?
  12. Chuginator

    Potluck side ideas needed

    Having a potluck dinner with BBQ brisket and chicken. I'm expected to bring a side. I'd like to take something made with beer as an ingredient. Any suggestions?
  13. Chuginator

    Hamilton, MT Brewfest?

    Anyone attending the brewfest in Hamilton, MT today? I really wanted to make the drive for that, but things didn't pan out for this weekend. It's supposed to be a clear 83F day there, which sounds great. If someone is going, I'd like to hear how it turned out and what brewers showed up!
  14. Chuginator

    Immersion chiller design

    I've had a 50' roll of 1/2" copper tubing sitting around for over a decade, with the intent of making an immersion chiller out of it. Well, the time has finally come as I'm aiming to start up all-grain brewing again this fall. Will be using it in a keggle with a drain-off in the bottom...
  15. Chuginator

    Cool use for spent beer cans

    Check out the video of Franklin bells. Pretty crazy that the Oxford electric bell has been running continuously since 1840.
  16. Chuginator

    Time for a SuperAgata?

    Stupid wing capper. Most of the bottles (including the one that broke) are Sam Adams. Guess it's time for a SuperAgata bench capper. I've read favorable things about it here (unless you tell me otherwise).
  17. Chuginator

    Stoppers sliding out

    Sigh... brewed up 2 gallons yesterday; two more test batches, still trying to isolate a flavor defect. Using Rossi wine jugs (or equivalent neck size). So, the first time I used them, I used #6.5 stoppers and they fit just fine. This time, they would not fit!! I'd try to push them in...
  18. Chuginator

    Unwanted "Belgian" flavors - help!

    I've been plagued with off-flavors in my beer, and this has been going on for quite some time. Different yeasts, different fermentation temps, different equipment, different water, different residences. The problem keeps following me! So I'm starting again from the ground up with 1-gallon...
  19. Chuginator

    Howdy from Idaho

    Hi there! A little history... My interest in home brewing peaked in around 1994 or thereabouts; I've done a few batches since, but basically I've been dormant for about four years. One of the reasons I'd stopped brewing is because I was doing all-grain, and kept coming up against a flavor...