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    Need help getting my CO2 lines set up

    I got my 2 product regulator but it didn't come with any airline so off to the LHBS. Very dissappointed, they don't have the hardware to attach the airline to the regulator. How could this be? Looking on line I still don't see what I'm looking for. I would just like a few feet of air line with a...
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    Is a 2 product regulator the way to go?

    I have a kegerator I just bought with two taps. I need a regulator. Should I go with a primary and secondary or a 2 product regulator? Any suggestions on makes and models?
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    Another newbie with a kegerator

    I picked up a kegerator, a pinlock keg, and a couple CO2 containers. Now all I need is a regulator and some connections for the pinlock right? I have my Captain Hook ESB in secondary so I'd like to keg it next weekend.
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    Anyone go from kegging back to bottles

    My son in law's dad is putting all his kegging equipment up for sale after doing it for a couple years. He's just tired of having to mess with the carbonation levels, sanitizing the lines, storing the kegs. I was a bit surprised. I'm still bottling after brewing about a year. I'm curious if this...
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    What's wrong with this formula

    So this just didn't turn out near as good as hoped. The big hop flavor and aroma was missing and the malt flavor just didn't work. Is there anything obviously wrong with the formula? I'm thinking I just didn't get the right hops and wasn't familiar with columbus which I substituted for...
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    What's on your brew Christmas list?

    I was circling some things in a brew catalog to drop some hints for the wife and other interested parties. 1. A convoluted counterflow chiller. I thought hard about a plate chiller, but I'm just not comfortable with the inability to really clean them. 2. Precise pocket scale. Measures to...
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    OG for first runnings

    I'm wondering if there is a table for wort gravity relative to the ratio of water to grain in the mash when pulling out the first runnings. I'm curious as to what the limit for the gravity would be. I don't think you can go much less than a quart per pound or the mash is just too thick.
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    Chai Vanilla Milk Stout

    Malt & Fermentables Mashed at 154F for 60 minutes. 1.5 quarts per pound. LB OZ 8 ~ American Two-row Pale 1 ~ Flaked Oats ~ 8 Milk Sugar (Lactose) ~ 8 Chocolate Malt ~ 8 Crystal 120L ~ 8 Carafa III Specific Gravity 1.050 OG 1.013 FG Color 34° SRM Black Hops Usage Time OZ AA » IBU...
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    Reece Cup Porter

    I've got my porter Malt & Fermentables LB OZ 5 ~ English Pale 4 ~ American Two-row Pale 1 ~ Barley, Flaked ~ 8 American Victory ~ 8 Briess Chocolate 350 L ~ 4 Briess Roasted Barley Color 22° SRM Brown to Dark Brown Hops Usage Time OZ AA » IBU boil 60 min 1 Cascade ~ pellet 6.2 »...