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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Double Pecan Brown Ale

    This was one of my best beers of all time. It's great for a cold fall day. :mug: OG 1.071. FG 1.02. ~7.1% ABV. Adjust base malt according to your expected efficiency. 10.0 Gallon Batch Grist: 21 lbs Maris Otter 1lb British Crystal 60 1lb British Crystal 40 .25lb Chocolate Malt...
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    All Cascade Pale Ale w/homegrown hops

    I recently brewed an all cascade Pale Ale with 6oz of homegrown whole leaf hops that my friend from San Diego grew and shipped to me in vacuum sealed bags. I did use store bought pellet cascade for bittering, but 6 oz. of the homegrown for everything else. I thought I would post the experience...
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    Pumpkin Porter Brew Day - Photos

    Hey everyone! Check out my album on Google+ of my pumpkin porter brew day today. I shared it publicly so it should be visible to everyone. This was my first pumpkin brew. Overall it was a very successful brew day - hit 75% efficiency using the hybrid fly sparge technique (I used to get about...
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    Bru'n Water Spreadsheet Protected

    I just downloaded Bru'n Water spreadsheet for the first time and inputted my water quality report on the first tab. None of the other tabs are updating, or allowing me to input information however. If I go to the home page I see that the "Permissions" are locked for the whole spreadsheet and...
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    Weissbier Citra Hefeweizen

    This was my first hefeweizen. I was going for something on the more citrusy, crisper side as opposed to banana and bready. The banana and clove notes are still present, but are more subdued. The bright, citrus flavor really comes out. This is an excellent summer beer. All Grain 5 lbs German...
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    Scientists can directly genetically modify yeast Scientists were able to directly insert chromosomes in to yeast cells. Does this mean we can make our own yeast and turn whatever knobs we want? Seems exciting!
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    Direct dissolved c02 measurement

    Hello, Is there a way to directly measure the amount of dissolved c02 in a keg? For instance, is there any type of system I could rig up that would allow me to know at any given moment in time what the exact amount of volume of dissolved c02 in my keg is? Hypothetical world: I just kegged my...
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    Add water to fermented beer for volume

    My volume came up about a gallon short in a 5 gallon batch. My OG is also about 8 points too high. This was the northern brewer patersbier all grain recipe. It's happily sitting in secondary right now, fully fermented, tasting good and being happy. Is it ok to add a gallon of water to...
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    Vortex Stir Plate 2.0

    Norther Brewer has a "Vortex 2.0" now. Has anyone used it yet? Is it much better than the original? From their website: "New and improved! We listened to your feedback and have collaborated with our suppliers to deliver more reliability and better components. Improved, sleek controls mean...
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    Never used a starter for ales

    I've read in a lot of various places that yeast starters are a must. Some people even take the tone that you're pretty much a crazy noob unless you are making yeast starters. Well, I've never used one and never once had a problem with fermentation not kicking off promptly within 12-24 hours...
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    Hello From Houston

    Hello everyone! I've been posting and lurking on these forums for over a year now, but just got around to introducing myself! I've been brewing for about 5 years now. I started with the basic extract kit, graduated to full batch boils, partial mash, then finally All grain with temperature...
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    Higher than expected OG, crazy low FG

    Hi guys, I've just completed my 2nd all grain brew. My first brew used Wyeast 1028, London Ale. Gravity went from 1.062 to 1.010. I thought that was a little low. I just took a hydrometer reading of my second all grain batch, and I couldn't believe my eyes. I was worried because this one...
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    Possible infection, photo

    Hey guys, reposting here since I wasn't getting any action on the Equipment/Sanitation forum. This was my first partial mash, the Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter kit from NB. Primary went great, I hit the gravity numbers on the head (1.061 OG, 1.015 FG). It's been in secondary for 6...
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    Possible infection, photo

    This was my first partial mash, the Midnight Beatdown Wheaten Porter kit from NB. Primary went great, I hit the gravity numbers on the head (1.061 OG, 1.015 FG). It's been in secondary for 6 days. A few small (1 cm) circular white spots have appeared on the top of the beer inside the...