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    Smoked Berliner Weisse - No Boil - BOS

    I just heard that this was awarded BOS at Crystal Coast Brew-Off. 5 gallon batch @ 75% 3 lbs Flaked wheat 2 lbs Pilsner malt 1 lbs Weyerman Smoked malt .5 oz Hallertau (Mash hopping) 1 packet S-33 or similar yeast 1 vial Lacto or bottle from your last batch Sanitize your mash tun and your...
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    AHA Rally at Sweetwater July 28th

    After a short search, I can't find any mention of this on the forums. I guess it's up to me. The AHA is having it's first membership rally in GA this Sunday, July 28th from 1-4. If you've considered joining, they are offering a discounted rate at the rally, there is some sort of prize...
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    Airlock sucking. Not a temperature issue.

    This is something I've never seen before. I have a 2 gallon batch of Brett beer in a 3 gallon glass carboy. Fermentation was extremely rapid early, close to finished in 3 days. It's now 3 weeks in, it's been sucking for about 10 days. I have 3 other glass carboys next to it and they are behaving...