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  1. J

    South Florida Hop Growing

    Anyone make a decent hoppy beer with their South Florida hops yet? My original 2nd year hops had minimal flavor and aroma. We moved and I haven't grown any since, or sense. I wanted to start growing them again, but am thinking the quality of the hops in this heat and humidity is bad. What...
  2. J

    A real fermentation problem!

    Ha! Working two jobs right now, raising two kids under age 3, and trying to find the headspace to brew!
  3. J

    7 inmates get botulism from homemade 'Hooch'

    Revvy, that does not mean there can't be odd things happening in your guts from drinking home brews. I added too much campden to a wine before bottling one time. The result was a horrible cleansing process for anyone who would drink it. (If it wasn't a cleanse from the campden then something...
  4. J

    A real fermentation problem!

    Not to change the topic but can you bullet me some of those several aspects for a lager? I know a starter is needed, and always make starters, (last time I will make that mistake). What else is amiss? I am pretty sure the czech pilsner yeast never would have gotten going, so that's where the...
  5. J

    A real fermentation problem!

    What about going for the lager or ale? I clearly didn't think the yeast cocktail through, but should I try and push the temp down? I am worried if I leave it in the 60's my lager is going to produce some nasty flavors (if the lager yeast takes over). But if I drop it down I may put the yeast...
  6. J

    A real fermentation problem!

    I brewed a "possible" lager over 120 hours ago. 12 lbs pilsner malt, 0.5 lbs caraaroma malt, and 0.5 lbs honey malt, plus some hops. 5 gallon batch with an OG of 1.064. Mash was 90 minutes long. Water was distilled with some added, epsom salt, calcium carbonate, baking soda, calcium...
  7. J

    Muntons Carb Drops / Tabs ruin every beer

    The last batch was a 3 gallon ipa split into two 1.5 gallon ferments, one with safale and one with saflager. After four weeks at the recommended temps we went to bottle. We boiled some sugar water and batch primed one of the batches, the saflager. We didn't have the patience to boil and cool...
  8. J

    Muntons Carb Drops / Tabs ruin every beer

    Let a bunch of these different carb tabbe beers sit out at room temperature for a couple of weeks hoping the yeast would clean up the off flavors. I guess yeast can't clean up a$$ flavored bubble gum. Stay clear of these muntons tabs!
  9. J

    First recipe- Peated Porter.

    Glad to see you went with your gut and still used 1lbs of peat!
  10. J

    Muntons Carb Drops / Tabs ruin every beer

    It may just be Muntons then. Or, the homebrew supply store is possibly carrying old drops. We are going to try and pull some out of the fridge and let them sit at room temp for another couple of weeks and see if the yeast clean up the off flavors and aromas. (That bubblegum flavor is also...
  11. J

    Muntons Carb Drops / Tabs ruin every beer

    Me and a buddy of mine have been brewing "experimental" batches about 1 Friday per month, comparing yeasts, dry hops, etc... And it has been going so-so. Many of our small batches have been disgusting. Not our full 5 gallon forced carb'd batches, just the little bottled batches. We tried to...
  12. J

    When do I dry hop my lager?

    This appears to be one of the more recent dry hop and lager threads. How did this turn out? How long and what temp did you dry hop at? Was there good aroma in the lager?
  13. J

    best location for fermentation chamber

    If it were in the garage, are you installing a means to heat the fermentation chamber? The additional energy consumed due to heat transfer will not be too extreme if it is in the garage, (small insulated freezer). But a careful trip down a set of stairs into the basement might be the better...
  14. J

    Advice Needed: Dry Hopping with Leaf Hops

    I second the daily "rocking" of the carboy. Just a slight rock in each general direction will wet a little more each day. Best thing may be to lower the temp of the vessel and leave the leaf hops in for a couple of weeks. They will eventually sink? I have noticed when dry hopping with leaf...
  15. J

    Syrupy fruit wine has stalled

    Old thread, but just opened a bottle of this wine today and it is pretty good! It actually started at 1.115, not 1.15, and wound up finishing at about 1.03. It still has a maple syrup kind of smell and is a little sticky on the lips, but it finishes well. Amazing what a year in a bottle...
  16. J

    Five one gallon secondaries from five gallon primary

    I split into fifths. And used a beer calculator app.
  17. J

    Five one gallon secondaries from five gallon primary

    Final post on this experiment. What started off as delicious beer has turned to gut wrenching, literally, beer. The taste is going south, the texture has turned to water, and the bubbling just keeps going. The long period of bubbling in my secondaries must have been caused by a gusher...
  18. J

    US reported Osama has been killed

    Nope, "buried at sea". Ha! Our government is horrible at lying. Maybe they should have said "he was vaporized in the blast", like sean connery in the rock. We are lame.
  19. J

    Do hops grow in West Central Florida on the Gulf of Mexico?

    Good luck. They grow fast!
  20. J

    How cold can you ferment a lager?

    Sounds like it should be fine with the right yeast and some lagering then. I didn't think about the actual fermentation temperature being higher than the fridge. When you say self raise you mean the fridge was at 42 and them the fermentation kept the wort/beer at 45?