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    Brew-blitz ... where to go in BC, Washington, Oregon, N. Idaho, and Montana?

    Like all bad - I mean great - ideas, this one started over beers. About 8 of us are planning to pile into my short bus and do a 4 day blitz of as many breweries as possible. We're leaving from central Alberta, heading through BC, down through Seattle to Portland, then back through Montana...
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    Urgent... Do gals actually like getting lingerie for Christmas?

    Don't know who else to ask, so I guess you guys are as good as anyone... Honest question... is lingerie a real gift? I am totally stuck for good xmas ideas ... I couldn't find a few things that would have been PERFECT. Aaaaand of course I'm a guy so now it's the last minute...
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    getting rid of DMS with a CO2 flush?

    Experiencing HUGE cooked corn flavour in a light cream ale. The recipe had a good amount of Pilsner malt, and also a good amount of flaked corn. Also, my thermometer broke... but I didn't realize that until I had WAY over heated the mash through multiple decoction. (So... there is a...
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    GD electronics and mash temps

    I always double check my temps between two thermometers... until the day BOTH of them weren't working (battery dead in one, spilled hot water on the other)... so I reached for an unproven electronic one. My mash temp was a little low so I added some hot water. No change. Scooped out some of...
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    Calculation question (relating corn sugar to gravity)

    I am considering adding some corn sugar to a recipe, and was trying to figure out in my head how much I would need. In my mind, corn sugar is basically 100% soluble sugars. SG as I understand is a density relative to water ... so 1.000 is water, which would weigh 1Kg/Litre. From that, I...
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    'MUST BREW' list

    What's on yours? What should I brew tomorrow? On tap now I have a rich lager, a strong dark ale (think arrogant bastard, but near black), and just finished a wheat beer and a "kriek" sort of sour fruit juice beer. On the way is a straightforward red beer for my friends, and a Haus Pale.
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    Ever have to explain 400 lbs of grain to sig other?

    ... the bulk cost savings argument isn't quite making up for all these sacks of grain in an 800sqft suite...
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    Group/shared buy in Alberta

    Hi guys, I know there are a few other Albertans here. I'm buying a few things from the Didsbury warehouse of Canada Malting. Especially now that I am doing 10 gal batches, I need to start buying more things in bulk. I've been getting my base malt bulk for a while, and there are a few other...
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    Anyone use potassium sorbate in beer?

    I SORT of asked this question in another thread dealing with creating a sweet beer. Lacking much response, I decided to add potassium sorbate to a beer before adding juice to sweeten it ('floris kriek' or 'fuili' style) Anyone ever do this? In a 1-cup trial run the sorbate didn't seem to...
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    Red Ale turned out tofee-ey - input?

    I'm generally more partial to big, flavourful (especially hoppy) beers, but I've been trying to create a few more bland ones for my friends. I thought I'd try a low-hopped, easy drinking red ale - something maybe kind of like a "Rickard's Red" (but tastier!) Anyway, I came up with this recipe...
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    Who is the MAN today!? (TRIPLE AG day..)

    It was just going to be one (really darling!) I finished up my first ever lager... set it in the basement windowsill... and started thinking "All my stuff is out ANYWAY... and I've been wanting to try the 'impatient man's lambic-ish framboise'" (Besides... the gf loves fruili and floris...
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    Ways to create a sweet beer

    Hi Guys, My preference is for dry beer, but my gal was enjoying a floris kriek the other day, and I became curious as to how it got SO sweet. To my understanding, sweetness can be increased with: -certain malts, such as crystal/caramel malts (bring a caramelly sweetness) -warmer mash (results...
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    India Black Ale

    This is my first Recipe post, so bear with me. In a year of AG, this is the favorite recipe i have come up with. Simple, crisp, and delicious. I'm sure others would be able to tweak it, but if you want a starting point for a decent Black India Pale Ale, here it is. I wanted a black colour...
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    Common sources for brewing salts?

    Anyone have some good "every day" places to buy the commonly needed salts? CaC03 (Chalk) - - can I grind up plain old white blackboard chalk? It must have some fillers in it... maybe nothing that is harmful? CaSO4 (Gypsum) - - This is common and should be cheap... but where to find...
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    What flavour does malted wheat contribute?

    I'm curious. I see wheat often used: -for head size/retention (Small amounts) -for cloudy appearance (small amounts) -in combination with special yeasts or flavourings that result in very distinct beers (larger amounts) So... what does wheat malt itself bring as a flavour to beer? If you...
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    Critique my recipe? Fortified coconut porter

    Hi all, Never made a porter before, would like to build a smooth, full-tasting, chocolatey one that is relatively low on the harsher bitter coffee taste. I'd like to keep it not really sweet, but I have found that I need to balance chocolate malt with some carmel/crystal to balance the bite. I...
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    My riverside (camping) keg 'system'

    I needed a way to take a couple of kegs to kayaking festivals and such adventures. With little budget and a bit of scrounging through my shed, (and a bit of online shopping... but don't tell SWMBO,) I came up with this: [IMG=""] I take the...
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    Canadians... who do you order equipment from? How do you ship?

    I've used ... they were very helpful on the phone, and I find their web page the most friendly of any I've seen (morebeer, austinhomebrew.) The only thing I don't like is that they insist on using UPS, who generally totally blow for bringing things north. (Shipping to...
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    Corny kegs in Western Canada (Alberta?)

    Uh oh... 4 kegs isn't enough to keep everything conditioning... anyone have any leads for corny kegs out here? Keegan