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    first batch just got going

    woo hoo ive waited 3 1/2 days and my first batch has finally started bubbling. im making a muntons conissuers range continental lager. i get about 1 bubble every 10 secs and wen i look under the lid i see a slight layer of foam. how long should i leave it in the fermenter before i bottle it?
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    ferment bin to keg?

    i have a fermenting bin 25 litres that had a twist on cap. i wanted to know if there is anyway i could turn it into a keg by just maybe drilling a hole near the bottom and attaching a tap so that i could dispense beer straight from it. is this possible?
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    bottling with siphon

    i dont get how im gonna be able to "siphon my beer into bottles" all i got is plastic tubing of about 2 metres long. im gonna use plastic bottles but wanna know how do i get beer to flow into the bottles through tube? cos when i put tube into beer it has to go upwards to get out of the beer...
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    should i take a peek?

    put me first batch in and it aint doing anything in the airlock for 22 hours. shud i take a quick peek to see if anythings happening and wot should i see?
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    beginning batch

    wots a really orignal, easy and quick beverage that i shud make for my first batch. i dont wanna screw my first batch up with a hard to do one as that will give me a bad reputation with future potential drinkers of my beer. so give me sum expert opininon..... plz
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    boil or not?

    well i dont wanna spend loads of money on a 5+gallon boiler and so i only have a 2-3 gallon 1. Could i just boil half ingredients and then switch and boil other half? this wud be cheaper for me
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    fruit beer

    i wanna make a beer with a bit of flavour. could i just throw in a bit of lemon or orange juice in the fermenting bin along with everything else? or wud this not work
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    well if i was to get a beer equipment kit wud i need to buy a special piece of equipment like a fermenting bucket just so that i could make wine? do i need other ingredinets that arent in a ingredient kit or does it come with everything to make batch? also do i have to 2nd ferment or isnt this...
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    2 at once

    if i had a starter kit wot wud i have to buy extra so that i cud have 80 pints brewing at once?
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    im new

    well i wanna brew me own drinks i i wanted to know if i was to get a cheap £30 or so starter kit:- 1) wot else wud i need to buy to start brewing? 2) wud i have to buy sum yeast or sumthing like that? 3)if i wanted to use disposable plastic bottles wud they work? 4) Where can i buy Cheap...