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  1. giuzep89

    Cider tartness - how do you adjust it?

    Hello friends, I've been making a few different ciders lately, like apple pear, apple cherry, apple strawberry and apple raspberry. The ones with berries tend to have enough (or sometimes too much!) tartness, so I don't feel like they need any modification, however, the standard apple and...
  2. giuzep89

    3-yeast test: Mangrove M02, Lalvin 71b, Nottingham

    Hey everyone, I keep asking questions all over but haven't contributed enough myself. I decided to test 3 different yeasts to find out which one I like best to brew a simple apple cider. Here's some data. - Juice from a local orchard, it's a mix of a few different apples, unfiltered and...
  3. giuzep89

    Clearing cider with pectinase/pectic enzyme

    Hello friends, I've just brewed an apple wine I'm really happy with. Some facts about it: - SG 1.086 - FG 1.000 - Pasteurized apple juice from a local company (very light filtering, real rich flavor) - Apple juice concentrate (added till reaching 1.086) - Mangrove Jack's M02 Cider Yeast -...
  4. giuzep89

    Which ABV for traditional meads?

    Hey guys, The range in which a mead can be called "traditional" varies, according to what I read, between 8 and 14%. That's a pretty big range. How do you choose your starting gravity then? I'm not interested in making a very alcoholic mead, so that's off the table, but are there other reasons...
  5. giuzep89

    Which commercial yeast is closest to bread yeast for mead?

    Alright, that's the main question. I'll elaborate: Since I started making mead, I noticed I don't quite like the flavor I get from any of them as much as I like the first one I made with bread yeast. Back when I first made it, what struck me is that the resulting mead had a smell and a taste...
  6. giuzep89

    BAD honey for mead is real. Or is it?

    Hello dear friends, just wanted to share with you my last two "failures" in meadmaking and brewing with honey. I'm not beating myself up too much about it, it's how the game works, and there's always something to learn from it. In particular, I'd like to be able to learn from this as much as...
  7. giuzep89

    Mashing lower vs adding sugar

    I'm not quite sure this topic belongs in here, but here I go. Let's say i brew a Belgian blond and I find it's got a tad more sweetness than I'd like, what do I do, swap a portion of the mash with sugar or mash lower, say 62°? I normally mash at 67° all throughout. Thoughts? Cheers!
  8. giuzep89

    Lallemand Belgian Ale vs Mangrove Jack's m47

    Hello friends, Just wanted to report some preliminary results of a tryout of the dry yeasts mentioned above. Made two identical batches of a Belgian ale: - 98% Weyermann Bohemian Pils - 2% Weyermann Abbey Malt (50°L) - OG 1.050 - Single infusion 67° for 60 mins - Ariana hop (+-25 IBU) Both...
  9. giuzep89

    Belgian dubbel alternative recipes

    Hello friends, I'm gonna attempt making a classic Belgian dubbel soon. I just finished a tripel and am quite satisfied with the results, so this feels like a natural follow-up. On a very broad scale i see 2 different approaches to it, sometimes as clone recipes for the same beer (say, Westmalle...
  10. giuzep89

    Adding vodka to fix mead

    Hello friends, I made a traditional mead some time ago but it ended up a little too sweet for me. It's at around 1.028. It's not crazy sweet to my taste but it can definitely use some adjustment, also in the viscosity department. My question is now how do you calculate how much alcohol you're...
  11. giuzep89

    Crystallized erythritol

    Hello friends, Today i backsweetened a 10l batch of traditional mead with erythritol. I dissolved it in some water (even though really it was crystallizing in there already), and poured it in the racking carboy. After a while it clumped up all over the carboy. It falls back in solution for a bit...
  12. giuzep89

    Fining with gelatin: does it have to dissolve?

    Hello friends, As per thread title: does gelatin have to be completely dissolved in water before adding it to the cider to work well? I didn't manage to really dissolve it and still added it to the ciders I'm making after the fermentation completed. It's been 2 days and I don't see much...
  13. giuzep89

    Crazy fast fermentation (or is it?)

    Hello friends, I'd like to share with you how my traditional mead is proceeding, and my considerations to follow. Recipe: -3.15kg wildflower honey (brought personally from the beekeeper, so nothing other than honey) -10 liters total batch size -Lalvin 71b (rehydrated 20 mins at room temp)...
  14. giuzep89

    Deep gold Belgian ale

    I consider myself a simple person. Even though I thoroughly enjoy complex beers, I would rather brew something simple but still rich, spicy and complex. I just don't enjoy making complicated recipes with 100 different malts, 30 hops, and a 60 steps mash. Ok so long story short: I'd love to brew...
  15. giuzep89

    Which yeast for Witkap Pater dubbel/tripel

    Hello friends, This might be a very specific question, but it's really bugging me. Here in the Netherlands it's very easy and very inexpensive to find Belgian ale. There's tons everywhere. One in particular struck me for the incredibly rich nose it has, the Witkap Pater (both dubbel and tripel)...
  16. giuzep89

    Mix of herbs in secondary, will it work?

    Hello friends, I got some traditional mead fermenting right now, recipe as follows: - 10 liters batch, of which 3.15kg wildflower honey; - OG 1.090 (I expect it to finish dry) - Lalvin 71b - Wyeast beer nutrient blend, which I'm adding following a SNA schedule. I would have used Fermaid 0 or K...
  17. giuzep89

    Hello from the Lowlands!

    Hi everyone, I'm a beginner brewer and mazer based in Groningen, the Netherlands. I started brewing beer with a couple friends and my girlfriend a few months ago, and more recently mead by myself. We make all-grain belgian-style beer, since it's the style that really makes us feel at home, and...