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    WLP644 Sacc Brux Trois

    It is not a true brett, but in my experience it does attenuate quite aggressively, leaving a very dry beer. I'd suggest making a starter and pitching at high kreusen and give it at least a week to 10 days to dry out your beer.
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    Yeast Starter With WLP 644

    FWIW, I've used this yeast with and without a starter. I ran a 2L stir plate starter for a 1.075 OG IPA, and just pitched the vial for a 1.050 pale ale. It fermented fine like any other good ale yeast would in both batches. I did notice that it took a little longer on the back end to clear out...
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    What precautions to take brewing with Brett?

    I've done several brett brews and never had a problem sharing any equipment. This includes plastic fermenters, siphons, kegs, etc. I follow standard cleaning and sanitizing procedures for every batch. I don't do anything different with my brett batches. I'm starting to think the fear of it...
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    WLP644 lag time effects

    My experience with WLP644 is that it does start fermenting quite quickly, but takes a long time to reach final attenuation. I've let it go for a month in primary and noticed a difference in gravity between weeks 3 and 4. It really dries out the beer if you let it go. I've never pitched nearly as...
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    Immersion chiller woes

    I use 2-3 clamps per hose-to-copper connection on my chiller, and I screw them really tight. Perhaps a little more brute force would solve your problem.
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    What did I do wrong?

    I highly doubt an ambient temp of 68-70F is the culprit. I've fermented plenty of beers in that range that turned out great. That is definitely *not* too warm to get a decent beer. Your attenuation was around 84% which is pretty much within range for US05 and your mash temp. It sounds like...
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    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Double Pecan Brown Ale

    This was one of my best beers of all time. It's great for a cold fall day. :mug: OG 1.071. FG 1.02. ~7.1% ABV. Adjust base malt according to your expected efficiency. 10.0 Gallon Batch Grist: 21 lbs Maris Otter 1lb British Crystal 60 1lb British Crystal 40 .25lb Chocolate Malt...
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    Help with recipe change

    I agree with D. White. What the recipe describes is a step-mash. You will still get a great beer with a single infusion mash. Brew on!
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    Haze and head retention

    1 week is not enough time for set-and-forget. Does your carbonation chart also take in to account line diameter, line length, vertical distance between keg post and faucet? These things all affect foaminess as well. You likely need to let it sit at least 1 more week at that temp/PSI to be more...
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    DeBrewer's Home Brewery

    Mother of God... I'd probably faint if I saw this in person. Sweet Baby Jesus that is one of the most gorgeous basements I've ever seen. You anywhere near Houston? Man, I'd bring you a few brews for entrance cover to come see that.
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    Craft The Perfect Draft: Chest Freezer Fermentations

    Does anyone know if this would fit 2x 6.5 gal PET or glass carboys?
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    100% Brett IPA

    My 5 gallon batch of this came out great. I could care less that WLP644 is actually Sacch, not Brett. My gravities after about 3.5 total weeks were 1.071 OG 1.010 FG = ~8.1% ABV I modified the dry hops just to use what I had available. I used 4 oz's of pellet hops in the 5 gallon batch, a...
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    100% Brett IPA

    It went down to 1.020 after 7 days. The taste and aroma was insane - like pineapple and citrus with maybe a small hint of wet goat. Absolutely no green or off flavors to speak of. :ban: On day 14, gravity was 1.012, and it still appeared to be bubbling slowly. :confused: Have you cold crashed...
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    Weissbier Citra Hefeweizen

    I don't think it would be anything different than you normally do.
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    100% Brett IPA

    I'm getting some insane bubbles on days 2 and 3. It's not slowing down, seems to be pretty voracious! What I thought was krausen earlier appears to actually just be some foam from all the hop oils that is slowly dropping down. So, I can confirm there is very little krausen from this strain, even...
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    Weissbier Citra Hefeweizen

    I'm not sure, personally. Maybe some people with more experience with hefs can comment. When I did mine, I cold crashed before kegging and still had a significant amount of yeast in suspension. After being in the keg for a few weeks, most of that cleared out, so it didn't really look like a...
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    Regular Krausen or Pellicle

    Given that it's 3 days in to fermentation, that looks very normal. It's just a healthy, creamy looking krausen. I personally do not see the need to do a gravity check on day 3 when there is obvious fermentation activity occurring, as evident in your photo. I would trust that the yeast is doing...
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    100% Brett IPA

    Well, I brewed this up yesterday and everything went well. I had my 2L starter going on a stir plate for 2 days. Noticed a little kreusen ring in the flask. Cold crashed it overnight before brew day, decanted, then let it warm up at room temp. I then added about 1000ml of second runnings from...
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    100% Brett IPA

    Yes, I plan to keg. Sounds like I'll be fine then. I have a 2L stir plate starter of WLP644 going right now. Planning to brew on Saturday or Sunday.
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    100% Brett IPA

    I'm going to give this an attempt this weekend. Any lessons or tips from your first couple batches that you haven't shared yet? I'm planning to basically follow your recipe exactly, except a 5 gallon batch. I noticed you had an 80 minute boil, but 60' hop additions. Did you boil for 20...