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    Gushers/bottle bombs

    Hi everyone, I had a batch that started to look like it had a bit of pellicle on the surface. I bottled it and most were fine but I had a couple of gushers. I put that down to the pellicle. I scrapped those bottles but opened all of them to check and 95% were fine. I immediately recapped to...
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    Black IPA Hops

    Hello, I'm adjusting my black IPA recipe. I went with Perle for bittering and Provoak last time around for flavour and aroma. At first the Provoak USA came out nicely but then just became overwhelmed by the Perle with IBUs at over 70. So, I'm going to change things around, mix it up quite a lot...
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    DME for a yeast starter

    Hi everyone, suspect this may be a stupid question as I can't find the answer anywhere. But does it matter what DME I use for a yeast starter? For example, do I need to use light for a west coast ipa? Or can I use dark etc Thanks!
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    Black IPA Dark Fruit Hops

    Hi everyone, I'd be grateful on your thoughts on this as I'm still relatively new and I don't want to commit any obvious shockers. Cheers in advance: Golden Promise: 71% Munich: 12% Carafa Special III: 9% Caramunich III: 8% Hops I'm currently thinking: Tettnang as bittering hop with a bit of...