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    Yeast washing and reusing

    I have been watching videos on washing yeast. My question is about reusing the washed yeast. How are you supposed to know how many cells you have? Is it safe to assume that if you make a 1-2 L starter prior to re pitching you will have the proper pitch rate? What if this causes you to over pitch?
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    Short boiling

    I ran out of propane the other day about 45 minutes into my 60 min boil. I normally have a spare tank but it ran out a couple weeks ago and I had not swapped it out yet. Will this cause any issues? Here is my recipe if it matters.
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    Beer bottles

    Would it be ok to put mead in beer bottles? Not all of it, but maybe just 2 or 3 bottles so that I could sample from time to time without opening an entire 750 ml bottle.
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    Acid blend

    here's a question for the experts. I have not seen on this forum anyone mentioning acid blend in a recipe. In other reading material, I have read that adding acid blend can eliminate the "hotness" of the alcohol flavor. What are your thoughts on acid blend, what is a proper dose, and when is the...
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    Nutrient addition volcano

    I started my first ever batch of mead the other day. I'm staggering the yeast nutrient additions. The nutrient I'm using states to use 1-1.5 tsp per gallon of must. I'm making a 5 g batch. Put 2 tsp in at first and then added 2 tsp at 12 hrs and 24 hrs. When I added the two nutrient additions I...
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    Dark DME starter

    I will be brewing a Stout beer later this week. Pretty much everything I have seen says to use light DME for a starter. Is it ok to use Dark DME for this starter being that it is a dark beer.? Thanks.