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    Sprouted grains

    I've found a source for sprouted millet. And I'm wondering if anyone knows if sprouted millet would be equal to malted millet, or a pale millet malt? I malt my own millet at home and I know that you have to sprout millet so the shoot is about double the length of the grain. And I don't know at...
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    Enzyme Questions

    I've gotten myself somewhat confused about enzymes. I brew all grain, millet and buckwheat (malted), and I've been wanting to simplify my step mash. I've read about the different enzymes to help with conversion, and I'm having a hard time figuring out the difference in them. For example...
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    Spike HERMS system for GF all grain brewing

    Just wondering if anyone has used the Spike brewing system for their all grain brewing? I'm considering buying one but I'm concerned about using GF grains in it. Usually systems are designed with barley in mind, and our crush is so fine I'm wondering if it screws the system up. And if you're...
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    Looking for some locals

    Fat chance, but anyone on this forum live in Victoria, BC Canada?
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    Forgot to add enzymes, but it's all good

    After I pitched my yeast and started cleaning up I realized I forgot to add in my enzymes during the mashing stage. Everything else went perfectly though. I did a iodine test after mashing and almost no starch remained. And my OG was 1.056 after the boil. I do all grain, with millet and...
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    Cherry Ale issues

    I poured my primary of medium dark ale into a secondary with 5 lbs of fresh cherries, all mashed, and have left it for a week. It was a millet and buckwheat base with some millet crystal malt. I tasted some today and it was tart and the tanins from the cherries are too much. It's also quite thin...
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    Sg after adding cherries

    Anyone know how to calculate a final gravity after adding cherries when racking into a secondary? My original gravity was 1.070. After a week in the primary it was at 1.018. I racked it into a secondary onto 5 lbs of fresh cherries. Puréed if you must know. Now how do I calculate my final...
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    Explain it like I'm 5: Cereal Mash

    I want to cereal mash buckwheat, but for some reason I'm still not clear on the technique. I know it's probably easy but just for fun, can someone, in clear details, explain the process step by step, so I can get on with my life. And also, what other GF grains should be cereal mashed? Thank...
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    Chocolate Porter

    I made a chocolate Porter and it actually turned out quite well. Made with millet, buckwheat, cocoa and Belgian Candi syrup. FG was 6.7% and its black as molasses. Lovely stuff. If anyone is interested I'll post the recipe and details. If not, I guess I'll just gloat. Delicious. This gluten free...
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    A easier mash schedule for millet

    I've been following Andrew Lavery's mash schedule for a millet brew. It was written in 2006 and some new techniques must now exist. It works well but it seems like others doing this are using a simpler method and getting positive results. Anyone have a thread I can follow or some decent...
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    Buckwheat mash schedule

    Does anyone have a successful mash schedule for buckwheat? Also, how do you deal with combining other gf malts with it so both malts have maximum efficiency in the mash? Are you doing separate mashes and combining in the boil? From what I understand buckwheat needs enzymes to convert, and...
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    Recipe for All grain GF stout?

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    All grain malted rice brewing is currently kicking my ass

    Okay so let me try to explain. I used professionally malted pale rice. They didn't have any specialty malts so I baked 6.25 pounds to a dark brown. I used 9 pounds of the pale rice malt. I was told by the malter that the rice malt would give me 10% less compared to barley of the same amount...