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    North Carolina Two (2) Jet Burners for sale

    Hey all! I have two (2) Natural Gas 23 tip Jet burners for sale and I am looking to get $30 each plus shipping or you can pick them up locally here in NC (Raleigh area). They where used for about 10 brews and are fully functioning, granted there aren't any moving parts. It took us about this...
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    Looking to sell my Chillzilla!!!

    Hey fellow Brewers! I'm looking to sell my Chillzilla as I have decided to go a different direction. Please see the photos. None of the fittings are included. I have meticulously cleaned after ever brew followed by a sanitizer soak. Price for the chiller $135 plus shipping. ( it should fit in...
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    Water report for All Grain

    Well it looks like I'm moving to Raleigh NC... Does anyone have a water report for the brewing salts in the area? Thanks Kyle! Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
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    Stainless thermowells for sale- Florida

    Hey all I have a set of 2" long 1/2" MPT Thermowell with 1/2" FPT Inlet. I am only parting with these because of a system upgrade to RTD sensors. These wells have seen maybe 7-8 brews and you can see by the photos they were meticulously cleaned. I'm looking to get $10.00 a piece plus flat rate...
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    Florida 1/2" cam locks qty 12

    Hey all I'm making a few design changes on my system and I do not have a use for my hose cam locks anymore. I've got a total of 12. Looking to get $50 plus flat rate shipping. Kyle
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    Grain mill feeler gauges?

    Can anyone suggest a set of feeler gauges they use for adjusting their grain mill? I have been looking but can't seem to locate the size range. They are mostly all to small.
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    Mashing in to high?

    Hey all, just finished brewing tonight, well yesterday now, I've got a quick question about efficiency with the mash. If my strike temperature over shoots and it takes approximately 15 to come to the appropriate temperature, do I run the risk of denaturing the enzymes in the mash effecting the...
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    Best Malt to keep on hand

    Hey all, besides the typical base malt. What other specialty malts should I keep on hand and in my inventory? Munich? Or Crystal 20,40,60?
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    Yeast Farming

    Hello, I need a bit of help. I want to try yeast washing. The only problem I have is that I do not use a typical carboy. I do however, have a brewhemouth with a racking port. Can I just pull a sample from this port and then complete the yeast washing process? Has Anyone else completed this...
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    Hop rhizomes?

    Looking for hop rhizomes specifically, cascade, nugget and magnum. I figure we are close to rhizome season... Kyle
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    Used dishwasher ideas?

    Ok guys I need some ideas. I am replacing my current dishwasher with a new upgraded one this Sunday. What can I turn the old dishwasher into? Keg washer maybe? Any help is appreciated. Kyle
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    IIPA water profile help

    So I'm planning on brewing a Double black IPA for this black Friday. I'm am very curious is there an ideal water profile for an IPA? I know brewers like to use water profiles from London for pales and IPAs but I'm fairly sure that back in the day if London could change their water they would...
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    Safe ale S-04 life

    Hey had a quick question to the group. I just finished fermenting a Vanilla Caramel Cream ale with some S-04. In about a months time I have planned to brew a Double Black IPA. Can I keep the yeast cake health till then with fresh fermented beer atop of the cake?
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    Gravity of fermenting wort?

    Ok guys, Have a really quick question. My starting gravity was 1.055 when I pitched my S-04 last Saturday. It's been 6 days so I decided to pull a sample and got a measurement of 7.20 brix. Now according to beersmith, my adjusted gravity should be 1.011 which would mean I'm near the end of...
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    When to dump the trub?

    Hey all, I am very curious. About 5.5 days ago I pitched safe-Ale s-04 into a 1.055 gravity of a vanilla caramel cream ale. I am curious, when should you dump the trub or open the bottom port of your conical to remove the excess dead yeast? Thanks, Kyle
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    Sanitation non foaming help

    Hey guys, Need a bit of advice. I currently have a brutus 10 design with the below spray ball as my sparge/CIP. My question comes in with which sensitizers can I use that will not cause extreme foaming? The LHB told me iodophor, this just didn't seem right as I swore that last time I used this...
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    Mash PH help!

    Hey guys, I am recently starting to address brew water. I'm going to adjust/dilute with distilled water to compensate for the amount of sodium I have in the local water here in Florida. My question comes in the estimated mash PH. I used bru'n water and calculated a mash Ph of 4.8 . This...
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    Creamy Malt?

    I'm looking for a suggestion on what malt would provide a creamy flavor. Can any one suggest a malt I could use?
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    Fly sparge

    Hey all, I am looking for a 10-13" stainless steel fly sparge. Anyone have one they are looking to part with?
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    Hop Strainer

    Hey all, I had a quick question on other using a hop spider or some sort of hop straining device when boiling. I saw a stainless filter recently that had a 400 micron size SS filter and was 4" dia by 10" length. I am curious if this would work or if anyone could suggest some different ideas? Kyle