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    Extract question

    Ok, I came off sounding a bit assholish. I probably should have phrased my post a little differently. When I was doing extracts with steeping grains on a small electric kitchen stove I would sometimes do the steeping part early in the morning, remove the grain bag and let it sit for a couple of...
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    Extract question

    Why do you ask this question here? Do you not have instructions for what you are attempting to do? Not trying to be facetious, but there is a search function in this forum that will really help you with questions like this.
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    Are you an ex-Windsor yeast user who has switched to SafeAle S-04 (or visa-versa)?

    SO4, will get you where you need to be. Fact.
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    My first homebrewed beer?

    First time? Go to one of those vendor sites like more beer dot com and buy an extract kit. Seriously, keep it simple, if you have success with the kit then you can move forward.
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    CO2 Tank Price Check

    My local welding supply used to fill my fancy 5 lb. aluminum tank for $15. When the cert ran out on that he just grabbed a full 5 lb. bottle from his supply the floor and kept my shiny old bottle. Said it will get tested and put back into circulation. Cost was still $15 for the exchange. Now I...
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    California newport beach to the bruery?

    Since you will be in Fullerton area check out Evans (tap house) and Bootleggers. Also just a stones throw away is Taps Fish House and Brewery on the corner of Brea Blvd and Imperial Hwy. They have some good happy hour bar eats during the week and if you are lucky they will have their cask ale...
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    Why does all Samuel Adams Beer Taste Bad?

    Nope, 12 packs. Some of those SA mixed packs and Boston Lager. The beer tasted ok but had that dirty mop water smell.
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    Why does all Samuel Adams Beer Taste Bad?

    I gave up on all Sam Adams beers last summer. Seems every single one of their beers had that dirty mop bucket smell going on.
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    What to do in Vegas

    Check out Ellis Island, it's a little dive off the strip on Koval. They make their own beer, it's not great but not bad, and free if you play. They have an incredible BBQ that they fire up later in the afternoon. The café is pretty good with n old school American menu and super inexpensive. If...
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    Beer giving me headaches - help figuring out cause.

    When was the last time you had bloodwork done. Possibility you may be pushing the blood sugar level/ pre diabetes thing.
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    Bummed out about Austin Homebrew's practices

    To the OP, You said your brew day is Feb. 8, whats the big deal about driving up to San Luis Obispo and getting what you need. Or place an order with Morebeer and get it in 2-3 days with free shipping if it's over 55 bucks. Just sayin.....
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    Las vegas and beer

    Next time you are in LV go downtown, The 777 Brewery at Main Street Station. They usually have a good selection of FRESH on site brewed ales and even a lager or two. Hit them during happy hour Mon-Fri and get 2 dollar pints. Pretty decent bar food too. Their Pale Ale and IPA are pretty good. If...
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    Good breweries in LA??

    If you are going to be in the Fullerton area you can check out Bootleggers as well as The Bruery. AP
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    Seoul Food

    Was stationed in Korea 75-77. While the Bundingy(sp?) was just ok, no seriously they are horrible, you have to find the cart that sells the steamed mussles. Those things are incredible. Also look for the local Sogogi shop, Pork. They usually have a setup in the back where you can sit down and...
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    Beer in San Diego

    Ballast Point. That is all.
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    Caught these little trout last weekend. Zebco 303 on a Shakespear Ugly stik. Used Green Glitter Power Bait.
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    Orange County craft beer bars?

    There is BevMo in Irvine and Lake Forest, good prices on PBR:D
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    My son made his first extract beer yesterday.

    Brew Science!! Is his teacher going to test the finished product?
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    Question about cops and for those who live in Association communities

    Ok, to clarify, I have not seen the OP's CC&R. I am assuming there is a nuisance clause in there somewhere, always is. What I was saying is that from my experience of being on HOA boards for many years, I cannot see where doing something completely legal would be considered a nuisance. I have...
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    Question about cops and for those who live in Association communities

    To the OP, this kind of crap really makes my blood boil. I am the Pres of my HOA here in Fullerton. As far as the local PD, they can pound sand, you are doing nothing illlegal, tell them your neighbor is smoking weed 24/7. They can look into that. As far as your CCR's, you are good. I see...