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    EBS Inline Nitro Infuser

    As far as I understand, the only difference is the size of the manifold. They have gotten a little smaller over the last year or two. It's all good. I had googled the prices on the new units because I forgot what we had paid for ours. Based my asking price on what I had found in the first...
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    EBS Inline Nitro Infuser

    Would take $600 shipped in light of the kegoutlet prices
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    EBS Inline Nitro Infuser

    The dual tap is $700 - and that's the cheapest I've seen. They're $1200 from EBS. If you're interested, make an offer
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    EBS Inline Nitro Infuser

    Selling our unused dual tap EBS inline Nitro Infuser. Gen 1 $850 USD shipped from Canada
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    Stout Recipe Help

    Hey folks, I’m looking for some input to build up a stout recipe. I’d like to have a stout on tap that my wife would enjoy. She’s not a big fan of the roasty flavours but enjoys more of the coffee/chocolate. Anyone have any good recipes?
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    Robobrew step mash

    Perfect. Just the answer I was looking for. What's your step mash schedule?
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    Robobrew step mash

    Hey gang, I'm looking at doing a step mash with my Robobrew on a Hefe recipe. I've only ever done infusion mashes with this thing. Question is: When ramping from one step to another - do you use one element, or both? What were your ramp times between steps on whatever element you were using...
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    [Activity] Giveaway for Inkbird ITC-1000 Temperature Controller

    Canada! Update my ferm chamber with proper temp control