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    Water Calculation Question - Alkalinity

    A previous thread on late roasted grain additions in an Irish Stout has led me to some questions on water calculations and PH(Late Grain Additions). I am starting with the following: -8.38 gallons RO water (this is BIAB) -3 grams Gypsum -2.5 grams CaCL - .5 grams Epsom Salt -6.5lbs Marris...
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    Late Grain Additions

    I am preparing to attempt a BIAB Irish stout. I have worked out a simple recipe on Beersmith, (6lbs Marris Otter, 2lbs Flaked Barley, 1lb Roasted Barley). I was just going to mash everything together, but am seeing a lot of talk about adding the roasted grains towards the end of the mash to...
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    Paulaner Oktoberfest Deal

    Didn’t know where to post this, but here’s one for all you oktoberfest connoisseurs like me out there. I picked up a Paulaner mug/beer pack yesterday. It comes with a dimpled glass mug and liter can of beer for $10. The interesting thing is I think the beer is their authentic festival beer...
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    Low OG - Efficiency Issues

    I have completed my first two brew sessions, identical batches, and I came up low on my OG both times. I am trying to figure out if it's something in my process causing this low efficiency. Any input would be appreciated. This is a 5 gallon all-grain kit I had the brew store split in half and...
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    Questions about first BIAB

    I completed my first BIAB today. Actually it’s my first beer ever. I’ve been making wine and cider for years, but am just starting out with beer. I chose an all grain amber ale kitNow that I’ve got it in the fermenter, I have a few questions. I would really appreciate some feedback. 1. The...
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    Red Mountain Valley Fryer/Burner Review

    I recently picked up a Red Mountain Valley 30qt Turkey Fryer from Menards. They sell two different brands, but I thought I would give a quick review of this one for anyone interested. The burner in particular seems good for the money. I should also mention that I have been making wine and...
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    Aluminum brew pot question - oxide

    Hello everyone! I picked up one of these turkey fryers today from Menards to use for smaller brew in bag batches...
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    New wine maker, question

    I am new to wine making and fear I might have already messed up my first batch. I mistakenly used too little sanitizer when preparing my new plastic fermenting bucket and utensils. The package of Easy Clean called for 1 tablespoon per gallon of water, but I misread it and used 1 teaspoon per...