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    Need an Extract Recipe For Vanilla Nut Brown Ale

    Sorry for requesting an extract recipe, but hey, I'm comfy with it! Anyone out there have a good extract recipe for a Nut Brown Ale with vanilla bean? I recently bought a couple of vanilla beans, and I'm interested in seeing how it tastes with the Nut Brown Ale. I LOVE Newcastle, as well as a...
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    This Beer Sucks, IMO

    Belgian white beers have become one of my favorite styles. And I do have to also mention, I have fallen in love with Sam Adams. Ah his robust Cherry Wheat, his zingy Hefeweizen, his bold Boston Ale.... But I was sorely disappointed today... *sigh* I picked up a six pack of Sam Adams...
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    Bad Batch?

    :eek: Hey guys. Got some concerns. Was sleeping last night and heard a "pop" but thought nothing of it. Turns out my airlock blew off of my primary carboy. Beginning temp of the carboy was hovering around 64-66 degrees in the beginning, so I moved the carboy on top of an air vent to get the...
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    Just Tried a Blend - Extract Recipes for Black-n-Tan?

    i just tried a black eye ale (blend) of mendocino brewery's blend of their black hawk stout and their eye of the hawk select ale. some brewery in upstate new york ("new yok" anyone heard of them? anyways, it seems to be a tame version of a black & tan or half-n-half...
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    Yeasty Question

    Hey guys! Got a yeast querstion... I received four 1/2 extract 1/2 grain recipe kits for Christmas - all with White Lab Liquid yeasts, from Problem is I haven't been able to brew all of them yet. I have only brewed 2 out of 4 kits so far. I do plan on getting around to...
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    Do you keep the beer labels or bottle caps from the interesting brews you've tried?

    Am I the only one? (probably the only obsessive compulsive here LOL) :eek: These are the ones I have tried so far: Amstel Light + Bass & Co Pale Ale + Belhaven Scottish Ale ++++ Black Sheep Brewery Riggwelter Yorkshire Ale ++++ Broughton Ales Limited Merlin's Ale + Chimay Ale Peres...
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    Secondary Issues

    Hey guys! New here and excited to see there's a forum out there for all of my questions. First off, I am a worry-wort so get used to my frequent freak out moments! Anyways, I racked from the primary to the secondary last night. It's a Belgian Wit Bier using White Lab liquid Belgian Wit...