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  1. Misplaced_Canuck

    Be careful with nearly boiling caustic - gnarly pics, open carefully

    Been a while since I posted. I was cleaning my brewing gear with near-caustic (diswasher detergent) at about 200F. The return hose slipped out of the kettle and shot me in the leg with some hot caustic. The liquid went through my polyester running pants and accumulated on my (cotton) socks. By...
  2. Misplaced_Canuck

    Colorado GABF 2015 tickets

    I have 1 pair of GABF tickets for sale, for face value ($78 per TICKET = $156 per pair). Paypal cash transfer only (to prevent loss of $$$). 1 pair for Saturday night Only sold by (matching) pairs. I will gladly meet in person provided that the tickets are paid, and go in at the same time to...
  3. Misplaced_Canuck

    Hardware part ID

    I recently bought an Oktoberfest beer table, and I've been contemplating making a few more myself from my favorite wood (Maple - of course) and I've got everything squared out except for the leg latch. I can't seem to find this part anywhere in the US - at least so far. Can anyone point me...
  4. Misplaced_Canuck

    Come say hi!

    Having some friends over today at 1pm ET for food and some fresh hefeweizen, come say hi on the webcam! username is: password is: MC
  5. Misplaced_Canuck

    So I installed an "open/close" sign for my homebrewery

    Now the neighbors know when they can/cannot come to have a beer when the garage door is open. :mug: MC
  6. Misplaced_Canuck

    I stink at poetry but...

    I came up with this tonight. Dropped by local pub, the Publick House, and came up with this: It was the Monday before Christmas, when all through the Publick House, not a creature was drinking, not even a souse. That's all. :) MC
  7. Misplaced_Canuck

    School me on garage storage/organizing

    My garage has been a terrible mess pretty much ever since I started doing mechanical work on my Jeep(s) a few years ago. Lots of dirt, lots of clutter, lots of junk in the middle of the place, which makes going through somewhat difficult. I have a couple of large toolboxes, and a few "floor...
  8. Misplaced_Canuck

    South Carolina Misc brewing stickers, about 50 of them, $10

    SOLD! $10 is mostly to cover postage and my trouble. MC
  9. Misplaced_Canuck

    Why are they playing all of OUR songs?!?!

    Has anyone noticed how all the back-to-school ads are using songs from the late 80's and early 90's??? I just heard a recorder (flute) version of "Push it!" by Salt'n'Peppa, and that's just ONE of them... Gawd this sucks. Loses its street cred. MC
  10. Misplaced_Canuck

    What's the nastiest SMELLING treat your dog loves?

    My two Aussies are friggin' bonkers for cow hooves. I like them because they last a long time, but MAN do they stink of cow sh*t. I'm sitting here reading HBT, having a MASS of Kolsch beer (who cares about the glass, I'm not German), and Barley is chewing a cow hoof and it smells like *I*...
  11. Misplaced_Canuck

    Advice for those who pick hops...

    Wear long sleeves. [Yes that's my forearm]. MC
  12. Misplaced_Canuck

    (Yet another) Kegerator build (Stainless Steel)

    I've been using an old school, bottom-fridge/top-freezer fridge that I got for free about 3 years ago. It was my first kegerator, and it's served me well, but it's been hacked a good bit, it's creating a lot of moisture (water puddles inside and outside of it) and it just looks like crap -...
  13. Misplaced_Canuck

    You're kidding me...

    That guy even put up his address on the listing! MC
  14. Misplaced_Canuck

    I love the smell of Simcoe + Citra in the morning!

    Kegged a Simcoe+Citra IPA that had been dry hopping, last night... I disposed of the spent hops through the trash disposal. Now the disposal smells highly of Simcoe + Citra! Winner! MC
  15. Misplaced_Canuck

    American Lager Grits Galore

    Note the batch size of 10.5-gal, and the efficiency of 70% 12.5 lbs US 6-Row 4 lbs Grits (Instant/Quick grits) 1 lbs Cara-pils 1 lbs Vienna Mash 122F 30 min Mash 152F 90 min 1.5 oz Cascade 60m 0.5 oz Cascade 15m 0.5 oz Casscade 0m 2 tsp Irish moss The fermentation schedule: 14 days @ 50F...
  16. Misplaced_Canuck

    South Carolina Columbia, SC or near Charlotte NC - 7 bags of Fawcett Maris Otter

    Just like the title says, 7 bags of Fawcett Maris Otter. No shipping/delivery. I go to Charlotte once/month on average, could meet up in Rock Hill SC or Pineville NC. $55/bag, this is exactly what it cost me as part of a group buy. I bought the extra bags to fill up the pallet. Bags are 55...
  17. Misplaced_Canuck


    Scored a Beverage Air (industrial) 1-year-old fridge for $400 tonight, delivered too! It will hold at least 4x 6-gallon carboys, may be even 5 of them - haven't checked yet. :mug: MC
  18. Misplaced_Canuck

    MM3 idler roller getting harder to turn

    The upper roller on my MM3 is starting to get harder to turn by hand... Am I supposed to clean and or lube it (the roller mount points, that is...) MC
  19. Misplaced_Canuck

    What do you do with an empty 6L erlenmeyer?

    Well you make Iced Cider of course! No sugar added! 1.104 OG. MC
  20. Misplaced_Canuck

    Flavor/aroma stratification?

    I've been noticing that my kegged beers seem to have more hop flavor & aroma at the beginning (first 4-8 pints) than at the end of the keg... Has anyone encountered this problem? I'm a bit puzzled. Example: I entered my Sam Adams clone in a competition and they said it had little hop flavor...