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  1. Misplaced_Canuck

    odd kettle trub

    Very common trub for pilsner.
  2. Misplaced_Canuck

    Rare mysterious 37L Corny Keg

    Grew up in Montreal. SAQ used to sell bulk wine for restaurants and bars. That's likely what this was used for.
  3. Misplaced_Canuck

    Old Coca Cola Keg - Need post seal

    Your poppet looks OK to me, but without seeing it first-hand, it's only a guess. Make sure you are using a fresh O-ring on both the dip/gas tubes, and another fresh one on top of the post. Tighten the post reasonably tight but do not overtighten.
  4. Misplaced_Canuck

    MSDS Binder

    And you're be right. This is what I have in my garage at all times: CO2. CO2-NO2 mix. CO2-Argon mix. Propane. Natural gas. Acetylene. O2. Gasoline. Diesel. Kerosene. And that's just the gases(*)!
  5. Misplaced_Canuck

    Vienna Lager Sam Adams Boston Lager clone

    I've never noticed it myself. My version certainly didn't have it! :)
  6. Misplaced_Canuck

    Is "full-body" or "medium-body" with Kveik possible?

    "Thinning" at 4 days? I assume that it's near the end of fermentation and not carbonated. Before determining if it's thin or not, you need to carbonate it at the desired volume. If it's thin after carbonation, you need to review your mash temperature and increase the temp to increase body. MC
  7. Misplaced_Canuck

    I moved house, now my great tasting homebrew isn't so great anymore

    Definitely water. I used to brew a fabulous hefe-weizen when I livedin Canada (near Montreal) but I've struggled to make a half-decent one since moving to the US (Columbia, SC).
  8. Misplaced_Canuck

    What the heck is floating in my beer?

    in THIS case Topo Chico is sparkling water. But Coca-Cola bought them a while back and is selling hard seltzer under that name now. The fact that the bottle says 0 calories leads me to believe it's sparkling water and not hard seltzer.
  9. Misplaced_Canuck

    Vienna Lager Sam Adams Boston Lager clone

    What metallic taste are we talking about here? I don't think anyone mentioned that.
  10. Misplaced_Canuck

    What's the "weirdest" ingredient you've used?

    Oats Grits Maple Syrup Roasted Potatoes Hickory smoked malt Coffee Malt ... All in the same batch for a Breakfast Stout.
  11. Misplaced_Canuck

    Make alcohol from store's juice

    Here's my little Wal-Mart beauty cider.
  12. Misplaced_Canuck

    Kölsch (Color question)

    This is the right way to do it. All pilsner except for a small amount of wheat for head retention. Adding Munich malt will make it maltier and less 'crisp'.
  13. Misplaced_Canuck

    When did craft beer prices “jump the shark”

    She wasn't pretty but I loved her still. [Song: Moonshiner's daughter]
  14. Misplaced_Canuck

    Does dastatic power of whole pale malt degrade with age?

    Do a mini mash on the kitchen stove with 1/4# of each. Test for conversion. Might take a little longer than usual.
  15. Misplaced_Canuck

    Chasing a CO2 leak

    All you need is about 30 ft-lbs on the CO2 regulator to tank connection. An 8" crescent would work in a pinch, seeing that captive CO2 wrenches are about 10" in length.
  16. Misplaced_Canuck

    Making Invert Sugar. How To Neutralize Acid? Is There An Upper Limit To The Cooking Temp?

    I'm by no means an expert, but I had decent results by using cream of tartar. The final temperature determines the "crack level". The level of darkness was determined, in my case, by the number of water additions, so going from to cooler, to hot, repeatedly (be careful as sugar syrup can...
  17. Misplaced_Canuck

    Should you sanitize your hands?

    The last thing that should come in contact with the items that touch your beer/wort should be sanitized. From boiling to fermenter, the only thing I sanitize is the tip of the hose going into the fermenter (and the fermenters themselvers obviously). When I transfer from primary to secondary...
  18. Misplaced_Canuck

    Portable keg cooler for wedding reception

    Just kidding bro. I prob wouldn't use a recycle bin or trash can at a wedding but that's just me. I guess you could always dress it up!
  19. Misplaced_Canuck

    Portable keg cooler for wedding reception

    Dang that's trashy. Especially for a wedding. Pun intended!
  20. Misplaced_Canuck

    Ball Lock Connection Issue

    Clean your connections, both the male & female parts. You can spray some Star-San to help insertion. [Ok your dirty minds, keep it clean!]