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  1. MrClint

    Dig Tussy

    This home brewing hobby has led to a beer drinking/exploration hobby as well. Win/win. As a result, I happened upon this a nice little cream ale with a cool little touch of vanilla: The back story here is that the Heidi-Frank listed on the can are morning DJs here in LA, and my wife is a bit...
  2. MrClint

    Carbonating JAOM

    I like fizzy stuff. Has anyone tried carbonating JAOM? I can't find anything about it anywhere. Any one here tried doing it with fizzy tabs? Is this a potential bottle bomb? I just think carbonation would take it to the next level (hopefully not the ceiling of course).
  3. MrClint

    BIAB - Cascade SMaSH Pale Ale

    At the risk of being an annoying new brewer who uses the forum as a journal for his brews, I will carry on and apologize from the outset. :) I just put a gallon of this brew in the little big mouth bubbler today, using the "Brew Better Beer" Amarillo SMaSH Pale Ale recipe with a few...
  4. MrClint

    Having a beer tasting party

    I'm having a beer tasting party today with a few folks. It's home brew versus commercial beer and an early sampling of my first BIAB SMaSH. 1. Craft-A-Brew Hefeweizen beer kit vs Josephsbrau Hefeweizen 2. NB Caribou Slobber beer kit vs Moose Drool 3. Stand alone early tasting of my SMaSH beer...
  5. MrClint

    NB Sierra Madre

    New guy to brewing, chatting up every new brew. I hope that's not too annoying? The Northern Brewer recipe kits have struck marketing gold. They force us to buy two one-gallon kits on Amazon. I've got to say that their kit brews are an excellent teaching tool, for those that respect real...
  6. MrClint

    Stir in cold water to the wort during cool down. Good/Bad/Risky idea?

    Probably nothing new under the sun here: What if I brew a small batch of beer, let's say one-gallon (because that's what I'm doing right now), and I make X amount under the 1g of wort and add some cold (sealed from a bottle) water during cool down to get up to 1g? We can assume that the...
  7. MrClint

    Week Night Brew with BrewDemon Kit

    So far I've bottled some kit Caribou Slobber (NB), and kit Hefeweizen (Craft A Brew). These kit beers turned out nice and tasty. I also have a BIAB SMaSH (Munich Malt & Tettnang hops) in the fermenter, so too soon to tell if it was worth the extra effort and attention to details. Yesterday I...
  8. MrClint

    First brew: NB Caribou Slobber

    It came out very drinkable! Reminds me of Newcastle, but then my beer palate is very limited: Pretty easy kit to get my feet wet (so to speak).
  9. MrClint

    New member doing first BIAB SMaSH

    I will be taking a stab at this fairly simple recipe this weekend. What could possibly go wrong besides everything or some little part? This brew doesn't have a name as such, but I assume it to be an ale of sorts. I have all the parts and ingredients ready to go, with one remaining question: I...
  10. MrClint

    Hello From Lake Balboa CA

    Hello all! Just getting started with brewing beer. I've been doing ferments, sourdough bread, homemade wine and meads for a few years now. Why didn't I think of brewing beer sooner? I like beer. :) I've got some Caribou Slobber (Northern Brewer kit) bottle aging right now. Some Hefeweizen...