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  1. triangulum33

    Add Water Treatment to Mash or Sparge or Both?

    Is it important to include additions like Gypsum, CaCl, table salt, etc. to the mash and the sparge? Or can I add it all to the mash and be done with it?
  2. triangulum33

    Where to buy kegerator

    My coworker loved my 3-tap keezer and his wife wants to get him one for their anniversary. Any feedback on reputable places that sell kegerators?
  3. triangulum33

    Garage Heater

    Any suggestions for a heater for my brewery? Its a one-car garage about 15'x10'. "Cold" nights here are 30*-50* I'd be open to 115kV or propane.
  4. triangulum33


    Anyone able to try a Brauler?
  5. triangulum33

    Add salts to Mash & Sparge water?

    I've been modifying my water around the beer style as opposed to trying to match a certain regions water. Should I be treating my mash AND sparge water? I have been fwiw.
  6. triangulum33

    Proper Fire Extinguisher?

    Realized the other night that with 4 burners and a 100lb tank in my garage, I need to invest in fire protection. I know next to nothing about extinguishers. Any input? I was looking at this one:
  7. triangulum33

    Best Lube for Sliding Glass Door?

    I've tried different spray lubes and even this wax stuff and it seems like I'm always out there spraying the track down cause the glass and screen doors dont slide easy. Just a fact of life?
  8. triangulum33

    Favorite Hop Combo for PA/IPA?

    I really like simcoe and amarillo. What's your favorite?
  9. triangulum33

    Silicone Carboy Stopper

    Anyone have any feedback on these? Seen a couple posts, but no testimonials.
  10. triangulum33

    Mash temp, perceived sweetness and FG

    If you brewed 2 batches exactly the same except one having a higher mash temp you would have a sweeter beer, but would the FG be higher too? Do unfermentable sugars raise the measured gravity? I ask because I brewed an IIPA that measured 1.009, but tastes far sweeter than I would expect.
  11. triangulum33

    Avoid sports streaming blackouts

    I'm trying to figure out a way to stream sports through my Roku and avoid the retarded blackouts on local teams. I've read about people using VPNs, but I dont know if that will work with my Uverse router/modem. Any tips?
  12. triangulum33

    Stupid Ca smog laws

    Since Ca started smogging diesels last year and did not grandfather in modified vehicles, to comply with the visual inspection (shouldnt actual emissions be the only thing that matter?) I had to change out my perfectly good $45 BHAF filter: with a $250 AirRaid unit with a CARB sticker...
  13. triangulum33

    Anyone ever live in New Zealand?

    I've got a job offer in Wellington or Hamilton, NZ. The wife and I have never been there, but pictures (and movies) make it look awesome. I'd be in the same industry in a similar job function, but it would be almost a 50% pay cut after currency conversion. This and the cost of living is...
  14. triangulum33

    2 Batches, Same Equipment, Different Efficiency

    I brewed a 1.067 Porter AG and got 81% efficiency. Right after, brewed a 1.076 IPA and got 70%. I bought the grain and had it milled at the same time at my LHBS. Both batches hit ~152* in the mash. Both were stirred well several times during mash and sparge. I had 2 friends there that...
  15. triangulum33

    Refractometer repeatability/accuracy

    I took several measurements pre-boil and postboil with my new refractometer and the results varied wildly. Preboil I measured 15.2, 14.8 and 14.3. All of these measurements allowed ~5 minutes for the sample on refractometer to drop to near room temp. Post boil I measured 18 and 17.2 with...
  16. triangulum33

    Cheapest Sanitizer

    I've been a StarSan user since I started brewing a few years ago, but I'm wondering if there is a cheaper/better alternative. Besides bleach, what is your favorite/cheapest sanitzer?
  17. triangulum33

    Cool Video of the Universe's Size

    Watch after 6 IPA's
  18. triangulum33

    Burgers - Hungry Yet?

    Nothing beats a homemade burger.
  19. triangulum33

    How long to leave oak chips in RIS Secondary

    I have a 1.085 RIS in secondary and 1" oak cubes soaking in Makers Mark bourbon ready to pitch. How long can I leave the oak in secondary? Is 6 months too long to leave them in there while the beer conditions?
  20. triangulum33

    Measuring Water Volumes

    For those of you without sight glasses, how do you measure your strike/sparge water volumes? I use a cheap graduated 5 gal paint bucket from HD, but wondering if there is a better way.