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  1. Keith66

    Refractometer and Hydrometer Scales

    I'm looking at buying a refractometer for brewing my beer. In doing so I've learned a little about SG and brix scales, and the calculation between the two. I've also seen many people comment that the SG scale in refractometers is correct only at 1.000, with an increasing error relative to...
  2. Keith66

    Super Fast Nottingham?

    Hey folks. I just brewed (BIAB ) an Irish Red Ale (NB AG recipe, but not the kit), OG = 1.045. I hydrated the Nottingham dry yeast in 1 cup of DME wort at 70°, and it was foaming up nice before the boil was done. I pitched at 70°, the carboy was churning within a few hours, and I had krausen...
  3. Keith66

    Ever back-sweeten apple cider with lactose?

    I've made about 4 batches of apple cider. All have been back-sweetened with FAJC then stove-top pasteurized. Of those 4 batches, 2 had bombs, 2 had none. Since it only takes 1 bomb in the right place at the right time to fill your chest or face with glass, and since I'm apparently not perfect...
  4. Keith66

    Peach Cider SNAFU

    I'm trying to make something drinkable out of a peachy SNAFU. I started with 5 gallons of lite peach juice which had a wimpy little OG of 1.004, and dumped it onto a yeast cake from an apple cider I just bottled. The yeast is Wyeast 4766 for cider. Then I cooked up about 4 pounds of white...
  5. Keith66

    Yeast Starters for Idiots

    Rookie here... I've been reading HBT yeast starter threads all day and still have some very basic questions: 1) Can I make a yeast starter without a stir plate and flask? If so, how? 2) Can I just add 2 or 3 smack packs or vials instead of making a starter? 3) Sounds like liquid is...
  6. Keith66

    SWMBO's being a pain!

    Swmbo and I both like good beer, mostly Belgian and Bavarian. Swmbo and I both hate paying high prices for good beer. Swmbo and I both keep our consumption down because of the price. Swmbo suggested that I try homebrewing. I brew good beer and cider; swmbo like what I brew. I do too! Now...