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  1. brewmonk

    Merry Christmas!

    To All of my homebrew friends, acquaintances, and comrads: Hoppy Grist-mash!
  2. brewmonk

    Boston brewers, BHB is at the BBC

    The Brittish Beer CO. in Waltham is cracking a cask of the Blue Hills Brewery today. It's a brown ale. More info after lunch :) yes, it is their cask conditioned offering. -Da Munk
  3. brewmonk

    Massachusetts threatens microbreweries w/ "farm-brew" licenses

    Realisticly, though, is it BMC behind it? (here fishy, fishy!!!!) Mass. wants small breweries to grow or buy HALF their own grain and hops within massachusetts. to be fair, i never heard of a farmer-brewer license before, which is 30 bucks plus a rate based on whatever you make. rather than...
  4. brewmonk

    10 gals. on the floor.

    UHH, Check your VALVES. new rig in the basement, first batch - it took a while but was sticky as hell and going to be GREAT! (of course). [somewhere between Fullers and Arrogant Bstd). fermenter wasn;t totally clean, so new plan - ferment in my kegTun. while transferring - from boiler...
  5. brewmonk

    Hops are up in Boston

    Well, they sprouted last week in my basement, after I brought in the 5 gallon pots from outside the week before. 6" in a week, under a sodium light isn't bad ...
  6. brewmonk

    anyone need another regulator?

    I have a box of regulators, mixed gas types. co2, nitrogen, maybe argon. If there's interest, I'll add more pics. I'm about to run out of message space. If anyone else would like some, please email: [email protected] and include your login ID for the forum. FIFO (you'll get added to the...
  7. brewmonk

    Safety Issues in Homebrewing

    Do you fireproof your brewing area? Brew with a fire extinguisher, a CO detector, first aid kit, ventilation? wood v.s. metal? gfci's? drink while you brew? Please share any ideas. I'd love to see what I can incorporate in my brewroom. _____ I built out a basement room (waterproofed...