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    Help needed - Mashtun & kettle scorching on Polsinelli system

    Hello everyone! I have a 300 liter Polsinelli brewing system that uses gas burners. Both the mash/lauter tun and kettle have somewhat thin bottoms (it is new from 2018 but I have not used it yet). I have heard from other people with the same system that they get a lot of scorching in both the...
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    Scaling up a recipe?

    Hi All, I'm going from a 50 liter system to a 300 liter system and am wondering about scaling-up my recipes. I have read on some online magazine websites / brewing software pages where they talk about hop utilisation being increased in a larger system. However, I was wondering if anyone had...
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    Dark Candi sugar, how much is too much ?

    I'm looking to brew a Tripel and would be using dark (425 EBC) Candi sugar for the first time. I am currently looking at using a total of 1kg of candi sugar for a 42 litre brew. Would a 50%/50% split between dark and clear candi sugar be too much in terms of the dark candi sugar ? Thanks for...
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    Can Star San damage plumbing?

    I have my little brewery in a basement and use the "soak" method to disinfect my fermenter. This is run out into a reservoir/pump contraption that pumps the liquid up a large pipe and out into the regular municipal waste water. For the moment, I have been running a lot of water while/after...
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    Has anyone used WLP720 Sweet Mead instead of Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit?

    Where I am, Wyeast 3463 is no longer available for purchase (the importer has stopped carrying it) which is a real pain as I use it in one of my "house" beers. I have read online that White Labs WLP720 Sweet Mead may be a substitute, but has anyone already tried it? I ask as the local homebrew...