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    3 roller mill trap door mod for adjustment

    Hey guys, I recently bought a 3 roller geared monster mill with their hopper. I didn't realize you had to remove the hopper to adjust the gap of the rollers. Anyway I was wondering if anyone has installed some sort of hinged trap door so you do not have to remove the whole hopper? If so I'd...
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    water profile for black ipa

    Hey guys, I'm doing a black IPA tomorrow and can't decide what water profile to use. l looked at Palmer's/kaminski's book Water on pages 158-159 (Table 19) "Suggested Water Profiles for Ale Styles" and can't decide what profile to use. My recipe is just a normal ipa with briess midnight...
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    Tips on brewing imperial beers

    Hi, I've made 2 imperial all grain beers and each time I've been short of my target og. The first imperial ipa was 20 points short. Today I made a russian imperial stout and came 10 points short. I use a 10 gallon round water cooler with stainless steel mesh connected to compression...
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    using 5 lb oxygen tank for aeration

    Hi, Looking at building an aeration system since all the systems seem to only use disposable tanks. The problem is I can't find the regulator that I need for a 5 lb o2 tank. Does anyone have this set up or know the regulator that I'm looking for? Getting a tank and diffusion stone will be...
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    help with identifying grain

    Hi, Went to my local brewery and talked to the brew master and he let me take pictures of his recipe for an imperial ipa. Anyways two of the grain ingredients I can't find, or don't know their full name. (Those two grains are Euro and Aro). Any help would be appreciated!