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  1. Neunelfer

    SF Giants fans...

    Who else is tired of the decisions made by management? 12 million to DeRosa? :mad: Letting Winn go to the soulless Yanks? :mad::mad: If it was up to me I'd trade away Lincecum (Yeah, I said it) for a big bat and a lead off man (Think Utley + Rollins). We have so much in our bullpen then...
  2. Neunelfer

    Humboldt County People - Phone service

    Hey, so I'm moving to Humboldt county this fall (going to HSU) and was considering changing my cell phone service, but I have no idea what is decent in the Humboldt area. I currently have Sprint, thinking about switching to AT&T... :confused:
  3. Neunelfer

    What do you normally carry? (E-ballin!)

    Lighter and keys missing from picture*. :D *I don't really carry most of that stuff on a daily basis... normally just the keys, wallet, phone and knife. :drunk:
  4. Neunelfer

    Built my reloading bench...

    Took me about a day and a half and about $100 in materials (obviously not including the reloading equipment). I have been wanting to do this for the past month but it has been storming, and the location of my bench should cue you into my garage being extremely packed. :drunk: Anyways... I'm...
  5. Neunelfer

    Outdoor dog runs - show me yours

    So I purchased an "outdoor dog cage" that was roughly a 6ft x 4ft fenced area with a gate on it. Within 2 weeks my black lab puppy (65lbs, 10 months old) broke two of the welds and escaped both times having a chew fest on anything and everything he could find in my garage until I noticed he...
  6. Neunelfer

    Blue/Green yeast grown on petri dish

    So I am experimenting with plating yeast and today I transferred my "collection" to slants. The problem is I wanted to use agar petri and slants but sent me an infected plate, after I complained... they sent me another one, which was infected. :( I went to a place around...
  7. Neunelfer

    Bringing the beer to the correct volume.

    So I brewed an Austin Homebrew kit and it's a little different than I have done before. After boiling the 2.5gal and combining with cooled water that I had previously boiled (I made some strong calculation errors), I ended up with around 3gal of wort after combining. I didn't have time to boil...
  8. Neunelfer

    Pics of your pets!

    My apologizes if there is a recent thread on this, but I couldn't find it... So post pictures of all your pets! I just have a dog, and he is quite the little monster. Guinness the Black Lab puppy:
  9. Neunelfer

    Post pictures of your "brewhaus"

    There might already be a thread on this, but lets start a new one. Mine could use a little more organization and this was after a transfer so it's a little more "out" than usual. Lets see yours. :mug:
  10. Neunelfer

    My winter project nooooooo!!!

    So on the winter solstice I brewed up an Oktoberfest style lager and wanted to lager it "naturally" in my garage. I let it run through primary and once secondary hit I placed the carboy out in my cold garage in a bucket full of cold water to help establish a steady equilibrium. There is an...
  11. Neunelfer

    My first lager: Not sure what to expect.

    I brewed a Oktoberfest style amber lager. I do not have a hydrometer so I can't do SG readings yet (I'll buy one for next batch). So I brewed it as usual, left it inside for primary. Bubbles were coming out of the airlock as usual. The bubbles slowed down and stopped so I moved it to...
  12. Neunelfer

    It's Saturday night...

    What are you guys up to? Just got done making dinner... Whiskey marinated tri-tip steak, roasted red potatoes and carrots, steamed broccoli, delicious double IPA... now recovering for a little bit before I head over to my friend's house for a bit of poker. After the cards going to come...
  13. Neunelfer

    Building Furniture

    I am interested in getting into wood working, specifically making furniture. I do NOT want to do this for a living, just as a fun side hobby. For those of you that are into it, how did you get started? How many specialty tools are needed to start up? What's a good place to start? I am pretty...
  14. Neunelfer

    It was a good Sunday...

    The lady spent the night... then made us breakfast before she left. Spent the rest of the lounging around watching football when a person called me from Craigslist saying I could come pick-up the latest addition to my homebrew supplies.... $150 for it all. :rockin:
  15. Neunelfer

    I need motivation friends...

    After my last brewing day went horribly wrong (girlfriend over and we got distracted, unfortunately not in the fun way. ;)) Things went sour... didn't finish. Since then I just haven't been able to get it together to brew another batch. So I need help! I need motivation, post up pictures of...
  16. Neunelfer

    What song fits your mood right now?

    Song title and youtube link required. The Beatles - In My Life - YouTube - The Beatles - In My Life
  17. Neunelfer

    How is your Labor day weekend going?

    School work... pizza... beer... friends out having fun while I complete my two chem labs. :(
  18. Neunelfer

    So what do you guys do besides brew (pics encouraged)

    So what are your other hobbies/sports/interests? Me? I am an amateur boxer (in black): I play golf on the weekends when I can: I ride a motorcycle and goof around:
  19. Neunelfer

    What books are you guys/girls reading?

    I know, quite the change of pace after my "post pictures of things you have made thread", but as much as I love beer and building stuff, I love reading... what's on your recently completed list and your "to-read" list, maybe with a review as well? (pictures encouraged): My summer reading...
  20. Neunelfer

    Anyone here process their own barley?

    Not that I plan to, but am curious if anyone here sprouts and kiln dries their own barley for the beer? Kind of start to finish full processing.