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  1. mmlipps

    ISO JR Rocker Son of a Peach Clone

    Anyone have something that would be a good Son of a Peach from RJ Rockers clone. It is my SWMBO slayer, but it is hard to find sometimes.
  2. mmlipps

    ISO Kettle and Kegerator SC

    ISO of a 15 - 20 gallon kettle with valve And a Kegerator South Carolina
  3. mmlipps

    Growing My First SCOBY, tips?

    I am about to start growing my first SCOBY. Just wondering if anyone has Any tips. I thought about buying one online, but I'd rather have my own beast I created myself! I am using this article as my guide...
  4. mmlipps

    The Beer Box

    Anyone have experience using the Beer Box. Thoughts?
  5. mmlipps

    Drink from bottle?

    How many of you drink your bottle conditioned homebrew right from the bottle?
  6. mmlipps


    How do you describe that unique flavor that makes a saison a saison to someone who doesn't know what it is?
  7. mmlipps

    Northern Brewer Beer Box

    Any have any experience with the northern brewer beer now? How well does it work. How long can the beer be in them? How well does the carbonation work?
  8. mmlipps

    Pasteurize the Honey?

    I am planning on making my first mead with local raw honey. I remember from John Palmers book that honey contains a lot of bacteria and wild yeast but it is inactive because of the lack of water in the honey. But when you make mead you add water, so the book talked about pasteurizing it before...
  9. mmlipps

    Patience is a virtue!

    I've always heard and read that homebrews get better with time, but I've never had the patience to do it. I've usually finished a batch before it's hit it's 4th or 5th week after bottling. Last summer I made 3 beers, a blonde ale, strong ale, and a raspberry wheat. They all tasted good after my...
  10. mmlipps

    What the hell did I do to deserve this head?

    Idk what I did. I have way too much head on my beers. What's the foam subsides it still tastes good... This was the kiwi express IPA AG kit from NB Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  11. mmlipps

    Granola Beer?

    I have a friend that wants me to brew a beer with his grandmas secret granola recipe. First the wanted me to only us the granola on other malt. I told him I think a basic stout recipe with a lb of his grandmas granola would probably work well. Thought I'd bounce this off you guys? Any other...
  12. mmlipps

    Beers to add fruit or not add fruit?

    What types of beers are great to add fruit to and what beers is it not so good of an idea? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  13. mmlipps

    Favorite Summer Beer?

    What's your favorite summer beer? Both homebrew and purchased. Mine would be this lemon lime hef I just made off this site And Sam Adams porch rocker. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  14. mmlipps

    Good aged beer

    I am still pretty new to brewing, have done about 7 batches. 4 extract, 3 all grain. I am looking for a good recipe that will age in a secondary for a good 3-5 months, to have aging while deployed. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  15. mmlipps

    Dry Hopping Time

    How long should you dry hop? I was planning on about a week. Is there such a thing as too long? Too short? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  16. mmlipps

    Uneven Carb?

    So seems about 1 in 4 bottles of my cherry stout is over carbed. It has uncontrollable head and tastes like ass! The rest are great. When I bottle I pour the priming solution into bucket first so that while I'm siphoning in the beer it should be evenly mixing. Seems to have worked for my other...
  17. mmlipps

    Blowoff Hose Back pressure?

    I use a 6.5 gal glass carboy. 90% of my batches end up requiring a blow off tube sometimes I catch it before it hits the airlock and sometimes I don't. So I've decided to just always use a blow off tube. Now 2 batches in a row the fermentation has been a little slower and no where near hitting...
  18. mmlipps

    Aerate Wort

    How do you go about aerating your wort, I'm still at the beginner phase and I just shake up the carboy before I add the yeast. What are other ways? I see pumps and such online, is that really necessary for a 5 gal batch? Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  19. mmlipps

    Sorachi Ace

    Looking to buy sorachi ace hops for upcoming brew Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  20. mmlipps

    How long to carb in bottles?

    How long do you typically let beer carb in bottles before drinking? I've read that 2 weeks is the typical time. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew