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  1. brewmasterorr

    Portable CO2 tank with regulator, extra tank, and ammo can.

    Don't use it anymore. Works great. $85 shipped.
  2. brewmasterorr

    Hop Rocket $80 shipped.

    Don't use it anymore great condition.
  3. brewmasterorr

    Oregon 3 gallon kegs

    I have 2 three gallon kegs. Pin lock with ball lock conversions. Just as pictured. One of them has a post that was repaired(no issues) $45 each. Will ship. I can get shipping quote. I would guess $10-$15 depending on how far away you live. Jeff
  4. brewmasterorr

    Oregon Ball lock kegs homebrew - $50 (PORTLAND)

    2 x 3 gallon pin lock kegs converted to ball lock. 5 x 5 gallon ball lock $50 each or $300 if you take all 7 Jeff Local pickup only for now. Cedar Mill area.
  5. brewmasterorr

    Oregon Little Giant Pump $75 +shipping

    Switched to a stainless chugger. Front of the mounting bracket is cut off. Still works great. Portland area pick up or shipping from 97229. Jeff
  6. brewmasterorr

    Portland Homebrew clubs.

    Hey guys. Moving to Portland in a few weeks. Looking for a club. I sent an email to PDX brewers but have not heard back. I will be working in Tigard and got a place for rent in Cedar Mills. Anyone in a cool club? Right now I am in a really cool smaller club in Salt Lake City, ZZHops. Jeff
  7. brewmasterorr

    Bcs 462 automated valves

    I am looking to automate a bit more. I have two pumps, and a rims tube. Anyone build something simular? I would like to add a float switch to automate the water fill and have some way to recirculate during clean up. Jeff
  8. brewmasterorr

    Beer gun mount.

    I have been brewing for almost 7 years now and have bottled maybe 4 batches. I have wanted to enter competitions but with kids and the need to actually bottle my beer I just have not found the time. Now I am hoping to bottle a lot more and have stuff ready for competitions. Tonight I decided to...
  9. brewmasterorr

    Utah 2.5 co2 tank for sale or trade.

    I took this tank in and my local airgas and they will only fill 5lb tank and up so I have this brand new tank I cannot use. It has a nice clear coat over the aluminum and you can tell it's brand new. It's the perfect portable size without having to go the paintball tank route. $50 + shipping...
  10. brewmasterorr

    Utah Regulator, faucet, tower Shank and sanke connection.

    I have some unused parts from a kegerator I purchased. I don't ever buy commercial kegs so I don't need the sanke connection. As for the other parts I upgraded to stainless steel parts. These are chrome covered brass. These are entry level parts but should work well. I have never used them...
  11. brewmasterorr

    Utah Electric converted keg for sale.

    $150. Prefer local pick up. If shipping you pay actual charges. You get everything in the pics except the cam-locks, temperature sensor, and the dip tube. You will also have to add a wire to the element. The element, element enclosure, sight glass, ball valve, etc are all included. Let...
  12. brewmasterorr

    Utah Several items for sale

    I have this up on a local ad: There are pictures located there and I can email high resolution photos as well. I also have several more photos of the inside of the control panel. I have several items for sale. There is nothing wrong...
  13. brewmasterorr

    Utah 20 oz CO2 tank with regulator adapter.

    I have not really used this tank... so now it's time to let someone have it that will. $35 shipped. Jeff
  14. brewmasterorr

    Utah Perlick 525ss forward seal

    I just bought a nitro tap so I have one to sell. $40 shipped or best offer. Jeff
  15. brewmasterorr

    Candi Syrup Questions.

    At NHC I got a container of tart cherry candi syrup from cascade beer candi .com I have two 5 gallon batches of Flanders Red that have been sitting in the closet since November. They have nice pellicle on both of them and it looks like one may be starting to drop the pellicle a little. I...
  16. brewmasterorr

    Nhc 2012

    Heading to Seattle on Wednesday for my first NHC. Looking forward to it. Who else is going? For those that have been before what are the must do's? I talked my wife into going because its in Seattle. Any locals have some good recommendations or must do's for her and my 22 month old son?
  17. brewmasterorr

    Hops in the ground finally!

    In order... Cascade Fuggle Northern Brewer Nugget Zeus They were planted on 8/13. They sat in the fridge for months with no problems I rinsed them and planted them. I hope to get a nice root system going for next years crop. I was thinking that I might put up a few strings along the fence to...
  18. brewmasterorr

    $25 Dial Thermometer (3'' Face x 6'' Probe)

    Same one on its really like 5" past the threads see the photos. Let me know if you have any questions. Shipping included. Thanks! Jeff Reason getting rid of it: switching to electrical rig with PID monitored temps
  19. brewmasterorr

    $75 obo RIMs Tube

    I am selling my RIMS tube made from 2" schedule 40, 304 stainless Steel pipe and fittings. It has a 1500 watt 120v element. If purchased I would recommend a new enclosure for the end it just has liquid electric tape right now. It does come with the "k" type thermocouple. You get what you see +...
  20. brewmasterorr

    $30 obo 10 gallon cooler false bottom

    It is a 12" false bottom...I am switching to a keg. You get what you see + shipping. Reply to the thread with your zip code and interest and I will PM in order. Thanks! :mug: Jeff