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  1. Sidman

    Wanted WTB BCS 462 or 482

    Looking to buy a BCS 462 or 482. Please pm if you have a spare one laying around. Thanks, Sid
  2. Sidman

    Sold Blichmann Hop Rocket - NIB $80

    Blichmann hop rocket never used. $80 + shipping
  3. Sidman

    Sold Kegs and CO2

    5 gal cornelius $40 20 lb co2 current hydro stamp $80
  4. Sidman

    Sold Summit kegerator

    Summit kegerator with cooling fan on back of it. Original cost over $1,000. Can be installed under a bar or freestanding. Current configuration it holds on 15.5 gallon keg but can be easily modified to hold up to three corny kegs $300
  5. Sidman

    Texas Kegerator / Keezer parts - Houston TX

    Draft beer parts to make your own kegerator or keezer. (4) tap handles - (4) 3" shanks - (4) beer taps - $80 + shipping for all * realize there are only three shown but I have 4 of all. Cross posted on other sites
  6. Sidman

    Sold New Intertap Stainless Faucets x 4 - $25

    I'm interested. what would the total cost be with shipping to Katy TX 77494? Thanks, Sid
  7. Sidman

    For Sale Single tier 1/2 bbl Brutus style system - Propane - Katy TX $850

    Three 25 gallon kettles on a super heavy duty frame. The engineers who designed this one really thought of all the little details. A hook on the side to hold the propane tank, three push button switches to light the burners, hard wired chugger pumps to weather proof switch boxes and super...
  8. Sidman

    For Sale SW Florida Three vessel 20 gal. Herms Stout pilot brew system $2500.00 firm.

    Any chance you'd be interested in selling just the panel? Thanks Sid
  9. Sidman

    For Sale Half Barrel Electric Brewery Setup

    Any chance you'd be interested in selling just the panel? Thanks, Sid
  10. Sidman

    For Sale Electric Brewery For Sale

    Any interest in selling just the panel? If so, what would you need? Thanks, Sid
  11. Sidman

    For Sale 50 Amp Electric Brewery w/ BCS 462 Controller For Sale

    Curious if you would sell just the panel? If so, what would you need?
  12. Sidman

    Color correction question in finished beer

    Thanks Jdauria! My notes says it was 5.6 srm so you're right, I'll let it ride the way it is. Thanks again for the input. Sid
  13. Sidman

    Color correction question in finished beer

    Hi all, I recently brewed a pale ale with ingredients on hand and didn't have any crystal 60. The beer came out great but the color was off. Thinking about entering it into a contest but the color is off. Any ideas on how to color correct a finished beer? Food coloring seems a little iffy...
  14. Sidman

    IceMaster Max - Adding Heat - Step by Step

    Just got my icemaster 4 this week and looking to do some mods. Like the heating addition! Question for the group, I can't seem to find any information about turning off unused pumps/ displays. Thinking of adding some switches to do just that as I'll most likely only be using 2 or three at a...
  15. Sidman

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    I'll bite. But first do you have a 35 or 65L? Also did you purchase yours prior to mid 2020 as some earlier models seem to have a had a different screen set up? What's your secret? My current process is grains milled at .4, use of some rice hulls and a fairly loose mash thickness. I let the...
  16. Sidman

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    Cheers everyone! Just read through the forum and lots of good stuff here. I have had a BZ 65l for almost a year trying to switch over from a 3 v propane / rims set up where I typically do 10G batches. Love the ease of use but like everyone has mentioned, the recirculation on it is painfully...
  17. Sidman

    dirt cheap glycol chiller?

    Question for you all... I was thinking about building a glycol chiller as dropping a grand on a new one seems cost prohibitive at this point. I was thinking of going the deconstructed AC route but wondered is something infinitely less expensive would work just as well. What if I just took a...
  18. Sidman

    Robobrew/Brewzilla Discussion

    Two questions for everyone...Just ran my third batch on a 65l V 3.1.1 and I have noticed that at even at low flow levels I am getting wort up to the overflow pretty quickly. First batch was a wheat and it was so bad i stopped recirculating and it scorched the wort. The second batch was better...