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  1. Hockeyhunter99

    Oktoberfest Homebrew Contest

    Jamestown Art Center is sponsoring a homebrew contest at their annual Oktoberfest. There is no cost and if you bring homebrew, you get into the Oktoberfest for free. check out the website and come out with your best brew.
  2. Hockeyhunter99

    Daytona Beach

    Wife and i are heading to Daytona beach for a weekend get-away. Wondering if there are good places for beer near the beach. as it should go without saying, not looking for run of the mill BMC type places. also wondering if there is any good local beer or brew pubs or breweries Thanks...
  3. Hockeyhunter99

    Blow-Off tube

    This is the first time I have actually needed a blow-off assembly for my carboy. it is a 7gal and i have 5 gal of Northern Brewer's Australian Sparkling Ale going in it. i don't know what happened but it took off like a shot. I made a starter with Thames Valley yeast and pitched at the right...
  4. Hockeyhunter99

    Air in Lines

    I am pretty new to kegging so bear with the terminology. I have three pin-lock kegs. i use long - "Foam Free" picnic taps from NB to dispense the brew. i keep having large head on my beer from one of my kegs. the taps on the other two kegs are fine. just this one seems wonky. to...
  5. Hockeyhunter99

    mini cartridges for 5gal keg

    Looking to travel with kegs to a part in a few weeks. instead of traveling with the whole CO2 setup, i would like to find a mini CO2 dispenser for a pin-lock keg. i have seen the $150 mini regulators (like this ) but i am not...
  6. Hockeyhunter99

    Ads on HBT

    Who is in charge of the advertising on this site??? i know they need to make money with ads but i just had an ad banner for SOBER COLLEGE???? it is an alcohol rehabilitation site i am ok with people wanting to be sober after abusing alcohol but i would like to think that the HomeBrew...
  7. Hockeyhunter99

    Ads on HBT

  8. Hockeyhunter99

    Long time for Krausen

    Ok guys, need some advise, Brewed my very first AG on March 24th and put it in the carboy and poured a 800 mL starter of Pacman harvested and washed from Rogue. Basic pale ale with 8# 2-row, 1# Crystal 20L, cascade hops, REALLY basic. Sanitation same as usual, all things are going...
  9. Hockeyhunter99

    Thinking outside the Box

    So i have been experimenting with different addition times of malt with some good results. Boiling serves two main purposes: sanitize malt and AA utilization, right? Follow my chain of thinking on this one. you get better utilization with boil larger volume and less malt, right? what...
  10. Hockeyhunter99

    Bulk Base Grain Purchase?

    I would like to get into AG system and i have all the material. just wondering if anybody has a good spot to buy 2-row around the area. i know moorhead has the country cannery but wondering if there are better places within 2 hours of fargo that would have it pretty cheep. i am looking...
  11. Hockeyhunter99

    Growler Laws

    anybody know where to look for Growler laws? i have tried a basic search on google and on here but i can't find anything specific for North Dakota. (my state). I bought my first growler from a small brewery in Northern Minnesota and they said it can only be filled from the brewery on the...
  12. Hockeyhunter99

    Rhino farts???

    Ok. i have been having a different reaction to my latest brew. i have been brewing for a few years and i am used to the biotic yeast reaction to the gastrointestinal tract. but i have brewed a belgian blonde that has been really bad. my wife and i and even the dogs have noticed a big change...
  13. Hockeyhunter99

    Yooper's mead question

    Hey all, i have been brewing beer for quite a few years now and i decided to try a mead recipe from yooper. it is a one gallon batch i am sorry that i don't have an actual recipe but it was: (from memory) 3# clover honey cinnimon sticks clove Orange cut up Baker's yeast I...
  14. Hockeyhunter99

    Native Hops to North Dakota

    I know that hops can be grown in ND but i am looking for a specific variety that is native to ND. i have an aunt and uncle that has them on their property and want to know if there are any specific to the region. been researching but can't find specifics. thought i would let you all expell...
  15. Hockeyhunter99

    Types of Belgian sugars

    So i bought the wrong kind of sugar for the recipe that i have done many times before. ordered Belgian light candi for an online store. my recipe calls for Belgian soft blonde. is there much of a difference besides soft granular compared to hard rock candi for the light? also, it is...
  16. Hockeyhunter99

    Beer Stone???

    i have been brewing for a few years now but i have been finding a few problems lately. i have this residue on the inside of my bottles that won't wash away. I have heard of "beer stone" (though i don't know what that is) and that it is hard to get rid of. what is this beer stone? what...
  17. Hockeyhunter99

    Northern Brewer Price hike

    Just got the newest NB catalog today. noticed a conciderable price hike. anyone else notice this?? i understand a price increase but it just so happens to coincide with the opening of the new shop in Minneapolis??? sounds like business is booming enough to build a new place but at the...
  18. Hockeyhunter99

    Attenuation Math Help

    i have usually used the math of [(OG-FG)/OG-1]*100% to solve for Yeast Attenuation. when i do the math on my $7 APA - i get 104.5% attenuation???????? this can't be right. i have taken both measurements at the same temp using the same hydrometer. OG= 1.044 FG= .998 I used a...
  19. Hockeyhunter99

    Partial boil kits to Full boil

    i enjoy a couple of NB kits and they are all partial boil set ups. i have recently started to go to full boils and am wondering if there would be much of a difference to doing a kit at the full boil size. are there any adjustments that need to be made?
  20. Hockeyhunter99

    Why should you not use Karo with vanillin??

    Maybe i am spelling this wrong. i have a recipe for a beer that calls for corn syrup (Karo). been looking around and have found that it is not a good idea because of the vanillin that is in the ingredients. people on here say not to use the Karo with vanillin but i can't seem to find out why...