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  1. frod1963

    Vermont All grain brewing stuff for sale

    All sold. Thanks HBT
  2. frod1963

    Best Brewery Near Troy Ohio

    The wife and I are headed to a music festival in Troy Ohio and well I love good beer. Any and all advice would be appreciated.
  3. frod1963

    Alabama Used Blichmann Hop Rocket and Fittings

    Hop rocket used twice and moved my setup in another direction. $85 bucks + Shipping. (2) 1/4 flare Blichmann Quick connects, again used twice $20 + shipping which is probably cheap. I'm willing to sell them $100 for the combo if interested. Edit. Freaking thing put me as Alabama. I'm in...
  4. frod1963

    American IPA Pliny Light

    Huge amounts of tropical fruit and dankness. This is the second time I have done an IPA with Galaxy and it works very well with Simco and everything else here. Next time I brew this I will give some attempts to dry the beer out more to the 1.010-1.012 range. You can easily drink this beer hand...
  5. frod1963

    Friend delivered me some Hill Farmstead and Heady Topper

    Yum. Friendship and reunion, Harlan and Everret. I am pretty fired up about these.
  6. frod1963

    Broken Thermometer in mash WTF!

    Woke up early today to do a quick stove top BIAB 3 gallon oatmeal stout and while stirring the mash broke my lab thermometer in the mash spilling the red dye in. This is what I get for not trusting my brewmometer! finished the mash and began to boil then chilled a sample and decided to dump it...
  7. frod1963

    American Brown Ale Oatmeal Brown Ale

    This is my take on a blender of a Janet's Brown inspired hoppy brown ale that is more towards the "dank" and resinous hoppy spectrum. I would buy this beer in mass quantities if it was produced commercially, instead I have brewed it 4 times (5 gallon). Mine is assumed 65% efficiency as I do...
  8. frod1963

    Thanks HBT!

    Thanks to everyone's creativity and inspiration oh and some spent money I finally am doing a wet test with my newly completed brew system.
  9. frod1963

    Im hooked! Again

    Just tasted my first mead (3 weeks in primary) and now I'm as hooked as brewing. It's a 10% dry with local honey from a friend who keeps bees. This thing is awesome at 3 weeks and cloudy, I can't wait for 6-12 months. Oh and I get the honey @ 3lbs for 5 bucks and support him with some homebrew.
  10. frod1963

    Special delivery.

    The parents drive up from Mississippi and surprised me last night. They said since your brewing you might want this. A new 15 gallon to go with my 10. Wahoo.
  11. frod1963

    I think i finally caught some!!

    I put out an Agar plate open on my back deck for about 10 hours one week ago. I then closed it up and let it sit in my kitchen upside down and sealed until last night. I had an interesting mix of what seemed to be two small patches of yeast and various other molds. I re-plated the two colonies...
  12. frod1963

    American Brown Ale Sierra Nevada Tumbler Clone

    This is my attempt at Sierra Nevada's release of their Tumbler. I was unable to do a side X side due to the seasonal availability of the beer. I am a very picky brown ale fan and love this. 9.0 lbs Pale malt 1.0 lb Crystal 60L 0.75 lb Chocolate malt (350 SRM) 0.50 lb Smoked malt (9...
  13. frod1963

    American IPA Citra and Chinook IPA

    Awesome hop forward IPA for the first several weeks then mellows out to a well balanced easy drinking beer that goes down very easy. So far I have received more comments on this beer than any of my others to date. Mash @ 152 for 60 minutes 70% efficiency 12 lbs. US two row 0.75lbs...
  14. frod1963

    MGD 64- lemonade?

    I just saw a commercial for this. It truly is the end of the world today!! "Talk amongst yourself's"
  15. frod1963

    Real wort starter question?

    Brewed a 1.060 SG IPA today and made a Real wort starter with WLP001. This is my first attempt at this as I ran out o time yesterday, but not my first starter. How long should I let this thing ferment out 8, 16, 24 hours? I normally leave my starters on the stirplate for 24 hours? Thanks in advance
  16. frod1963

    10 gallon cornies in Vermont (not mine)

    Here is a craigslist find in Essex junction vermont. Hope someone scores one.
  17. frod1963

    Odd stirbar question.

    So I used my stirplate for the first time last night with a Belgian Trappist WLP500. I used a small magnet from a computer hard drive that I believed to be stainless. My starter seemed to be end up a weird non light DME color and after I pitched "dumb" I noticed that the stir bar had turrned...
  18. frod1963

    STONE bottle label removal.

    Just in case anyone gives a S&!%. A long soak in Star San and a scrub will remove the labels from STONE bottles. I only bottle a couple beers per batch so reuse is key. Just my two pennies.
  19. frod1963

    Anyone else have a St Patty's day baby

    Just thougt I would check. The wife and I had a little baby girl Gracie on St Patty's. Cheers hopefully there were plenty of you that had a green beer for the wife and I.
  20. frod1963

    5 Y.O. scotch ale kit brew day

    I brewed a 5+ year old kit given to me last week and it took off like a bastard with some new yeast. Pretty cool that old crap took off even with the amber LME looked like motor oil with 50k of use. Im gunna make some hop juice and dump it in the 2ndary.