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    How to determine mash/sparge volume?

    What’s the procedure for determining the amount of water I’ll need for an all grain, 5 gallon, mash and sparge? For my last IPA, I just guessed and used 4.6 gallons for the mash and sparked with 4.4 gallons. I forget what the pre-boil volume was... either 6.5 or 7.5 but boiled down to 5.5 on...
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    Dry hopping

    I have a NE IPA in the primary at the moment. I plan on dry hopping with LupuLN2 mosaic and whole leaf citra for 3 days. My plan was to rack to secondary after 10 days and leave it in secondary for at least 2 weeks. Since I only plan on dry hopping for 3 days, should it be the first 3 days of...
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    Dry hopping with LupuLN2

    Working with 1 oz of Mosaic LupuLN2 that I was planning on using to dry hop a NE IPA in secondary. Should I throw this stuff in a hop bag before dry hopping or just toss it right into the carboy?
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    Inconsistent fermentation temperatures

    I’m brewing an IPA using WLP002 that’s been fermenting for the last several days. My target temperature is about 62F-65F. I’ve kept it in a swamp cooler but a few times I’ve forgotten to switch out the ice packs and found the temperature sticker on the bucket reading closer to 68. Anything to...
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    Should I add more water to airlock?

    It seems that during the bubbling from fermentation, a good portion of water that was in my airlock was pushed out. Fermentation has slowed a bit... should I pop open the airlock and pour a little more water in? Or just leave it alone?
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    36 hours - no signs of fermentation

    Brewing my first all grain batch in years but getting a little nervous. OG of the IPA was 1.060. After cooling the wort to about 72 degrees, I dumped 2 PurePitch packets of WLP002 into the bucket. It’s been sitting at 66 degrees since. 36 hours later and I have no airlock activity and no smell...
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    Question about braided mash filters

    Building my first mash tun and using a braided water hose for the filter. Will the grains I brew with in an all grain batch be heavy enough to crush the braided hose at the bottom? If so, how can I prevent this?
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    Off flavors after kegging

    I recently brewed a milk stout. I kegged it, set the regulator to 33 (3x maintenance psi) and left it for 24 hours. After 24 hours I released the pressure and set it to maintenance psi and served. It wasn't completely carbonated but it was good enough for me and tasted fine for the first couple...
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    What's the proper way to force carbonate?

    I know we have a kegging FAQ thread but almost every one of the links in that thread gives different methods to force carbonate and none of them explain it all that well. I need step by step from the time I pull my carboy out of the closet to the time I'm pouring a beer. Anyone?
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    Oxidation problem

    I kegged a Belgian IPA the other day. I went to keg it and shook it up only to realize afterwards that my co2 tank was empty. Crap. So I left it in the kegerator over night until I got co2 and then force carbed it. After that it tasted fine, a day later it tastes oxidized. Could this be...
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    How long should a keg sit after force carbing?

    I ramped the co2 up to 30 psi and shook for 2 minutes. Now I've disconnected the co2 and am letting it sit. I've always waited at least 3 hours before serving but do I have to wait that long?
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    I want to start making root beer

    I've been brewing beer for a while now but wanted to brew a root beer. Any good places to start reading up on it? Any tips? Recipes? Any info helps.
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    Controlling mash temperatures

    I do partial mash and mash my grains in a stock pot. Normally I'll cover it but leave a little space open so that it doesn't get too hot. This works for the most part but the temperatures are still far from stable. How should I manage my temps? I use the large burner on my stove. How should I...
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    What's the point of a mash tun?

    I apologize if this seems like a ridiculous question lol. I'm thinking about switching to AG. I've brewed several PM batches by mashing in one pot, straining through a colander/filter into a bucket, sparging with another pot of water, then returning the wort to my brew kettle. It's my...
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    Is this infected?

    These white bubbles have shown up in my past few batches. I think it's brett. Haven't noticed any problems with flavor.
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    Question about using harvested yeast

    I have a jar of Trappist yeast I harvested from my last batch. I used it originally for a pretty well-hopped IPA. My question is, is there any hop residue left over in this yeast? Would the hop flavors come through if I used it for a typical Belgian beer with less hops or should I only use this...
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    Sanitation for dry hopping?

    I'm dry hopping with whole cascade in a hop sack. How do I sanitize both of these before putting them into my secondary?
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    How long to ferment trappist yeast?

    I have an IPA brewing with white labs trappist ale yeast. My plan was to leave it in primary for 2 weeks then rack it to secondary for dry hopping for another week then keg it, force carb, and serve. Is this fine or would I be better off to leave it in primary for another week?
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    Secondary for dry hopping?

    I currently have an IPA with Trappist yeast brewing. It's only a few days into fermentation. I know the whole secondary question has been beaten to death but if I plan on dry hopping should I do that in the secondary? I plan on dry hopping with an ounce of whole cascade after three weeks for...
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    Sparging question

    I only have one pot. I need to mash a little over a gallon and spare with closer to 3. My question is when my mash is finished can I transfer the wort to a bucket and then heat the sparging water in my pot? My only concern is that there may be an issue with waiting before sparging. I don't see...