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  1. emyers

    Electric NG Brew Sculpture build

    Hey all, so I moved cross country and my wall mounted keggle setup never got reassembled. Im now dreaming up a sculpture system to keep brewing on a larger scale. I've been doing dual 5 gal BIAB brewdays but would really like to get back into...
  2. emyers

    El Paso Hop Project at Ode Brewery

    I supply Ode with my fresh mushrooms and offered to help them grow hops. They gave me the green light so i ordered up a drip system, cascade and centennial rhizomes and got to work. I mixed in 6 30 lb spent mushroom logs, one yard of compost and 4lbs plant tone organic fertilizer. The drip...
  3. emyers

    possible BIAB equipment breakthrough I was just browsing for temperature probe controlled induction cooktops and found the paragon induction cooktop which will be released this fall. If this thing is as accurate as I hope, this coupled with a small pump would make temp...
  4. emyers

    source for SS adjustable pressure relief valve

    Im trying to source the SS adjustable pressure relief valves seen on some DIY counterpressure fillers and this model,
  5. emyers

    microbrewery bottlecans?

    Why haven't I seen any bottlecans from microbreweries? They seem like a good alternative to glass bottles and canning by hand is a possibility for start up production.
  6. emyers

    2nd keggle built!

    My brew bag came in this week and I finally had time to cut out the lid. Now I can do two 5.5 gal BIAB beers and one 11gal HERMS brew in one brew session. 22 gals :)
  7. emyers

    when to consider pitching two packs of yeast

    At what point would you consider pitching 2 packs of yeast per 5 gal batch is nessary?
  8. emyers

    Fast brew

    I've been busy preparing for a move to TX and been too busy to brew. My father scolded me for not keeping the kegerator stocked as he finished off two kegs on his last visit where we painted the house... who knew that was a responsibility! I needed to stock at least one keg with one week lead...
  9. emyers

    brewing salts to inprove crispness?

    I would imagine having a proper chloride to sulfate ratio would affect cider as much as beer. What would i want for a crisp finishing cider? Gypsum just like a pale ale?
  10. emyers

    Another smuttynose finest kind clone

    I did a bit of googling and think i got it really close. I realize the IBU is a bit shy but i haven't plugged in the actual hop %AA numbers. How does this look as a finest kind clone;
  11. emyers

    Maryland Organic Hop Rhizomes

    I'm selling some rhizome cuttings off my hops,they are all finger length healthy cuttings. Mostly looking for local trade but will ship orders of 10+ rhizomes. Also looking to trade 1 for 1 other varieties. $5 ea or 10 for $30 centennial, cascade, santiam, and magnum...
  12. emyers

    white fuzz on roots

    What's with the Whits fuzzy spots is this normal?
  13. emyers

    flexible gas lines for moveable stand

    What's a good source for flexible gas lines for a brewstand I plan to stow away every brew day? Ill be going off my houses natural gas and would like 10-15 feet.
  14. emyers

    Blowing off sulphur cider smell and taste

    I recently made a lazy batch of cider with no aeration or nutrient and us-05 instead of ec1118.. bad mistake. About a month after starting fermentation i went to keg, while kegging i realized it tasted like sour rotten eggs.. yum. I read somewhere that CO2 through air stone will blow off the...
  15. emyers

    filling mash tun and bk from the bottom?

    In an effort to reduce hot side aeration would filling my bk and mash tun from the bottoms be a bad idea? I use upsidedown keggles with tri clover center drains. Boil kettle I can't see any issues besides maybe the fill tube not getting steralized?? I can imagine the grain may float up on...
  16. emyers

    CIP keg washer

    Here is my adaptation on a cip milk crate. The pump and pluming is zip tied and hose clamped to the crate. I'm using a half inch NTP ss cip ball with a 1/4 HP pump from Amazon. The pipe is 1" PVC going to 3/4 copper. The copper 1/2 NTP adapters have bigger ID when compared to a 1/2 PVC adapter...
  17. emyers

    Dangers of glass carboys

    I was brewing a few weeks ago when a carboy slipped about 1" off the floor and cracked in my arms. Cut my wrist open and severed my ulnar nerve and tendons. I had surgery to join everything together, they had to open my whole arm up to round up the tendons and move my ulnar nerve to inside my...
  18. emyers

    malting grains in pails

    First time malting I'm trying using buckets and an air stone. So far its working well. Here is what I did. Rinse grains twice with Luke warm water removing chaff and dirt. Soak overnight with air stone at the bottom of the grain. Drain water and transfer grain into pail with air stone at the...
  19. emyers

    Keggle mod to pour out

    I needed to make a portable brew rig for brew club meetings so im giving BIAB a shot. I didnt want to buy fittings and a dip tube so this is what i thought up. I can now tip and pour out into my fermentation buckets when done chilling for transportation and still have the keggle handles intact...
  20. emyers

    I have SS welding wire and gas

    I purchased a tank of tri mix and a spool of SS wire. I welded what little needed to be welded and still have tons of gas and wire left over. If anyone wants anything welded for a extremely reasonable price email me at [email protected] This is MIG welding so its not the beautiful stacked dimes...