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  1. RandalG

    Missing mash temp and og.

    I've been missing my mash temp lately and was wondering if it's due to how old my igloo cooler mash tun is? It's about nine years old and I'm not sure if they wear out over time. I use beersmith and an online calculator Brew 365 Mash & Sparge Water Calculator. I used to be right on all the time...
  2. RandalG

    Fixing leak in keg system

    Hello all, I changed the tank on my 2 keg system yesterday and today it's empty. Anyone have a fast and easy method for finding the leak? Thanks, Randal
  3. RandalG

    Wyeast 1968

    First time using this yeast. I made a starter and today in the morning there was some krausen but when I got home it pretty much dropped and is swirling around the bottom clumped together. Is that normal? I've never had a starter do that before.
  4. RandalG

    First Protein Rest

    Hey Guys, So I'm doing a Maibock tomorrow and I was going to try and do my first protein rest. 16 lbs. of Pilsner malt. I have beer smith which told to use 20 qts. of water @ 129.3 degrees to hit 122 degrees for the rest and then heat to 154. The thing is my mash tun is an igloo cooler so I...
  5. RandalG

    S-O5 Yeast ?

    So I brewed a pumpkin ale that I've done several times in the past with no problems using S-05. It's been over 24 hours and very little activity in the fermenter. I rehydrated before pitching. Should I repitch another packet tomorrow or do you think it's too late. What do you guys think?
  6. RandalG

    fermentation ?

    So my fermentation chamber is full with a watermelon wheat 2 weeks in and an Octoberfast thats 1 week. I wanted to do a pumpkin ale this weekend but I'm worried about off flavors if I take one of them or leave the pumpkin out as the coolest part of my house is 70-72. What do you guys think?
  7. RandalG

    Mised my og. What to add?

    I did Biermuncher's Blue Balls recipe and missed my og by 6 gravity points so I was going to add some DME to bump it up. Question is what to add. I have some plain extra light I use for starters. Or I was going to pick up some wheat dme if you guys think that's better. It's a Belgian Wit so it's...
  8. RandalG

    S04 didn't finish...should I repitch

    I'm doing Biermuncher's Octoberfast and after three weeks it's at 1.024. Should I let it go longer or repitch? I've read about how fast S04 is so I'm not sure if it's stuck or just not finished. Krausen dropped after about two days.
  9. RandalG

    S04 didn't finish...should I repitch

    I'm doing Biermuncher's Octoberfast and after three weeks it's at 1.024. Should I let it go longer or repitch? I've read about how fast S04 is so I'm not sure if it's stuck or just not finished. Krausen dropped after about two days.
  10. RandalG

    First wine kit

    I've been homebrewing for about 6 years now and decided to take the plunge into winemaking mostly for SWMBO and my daughters. So I got a World Vineyard Washington Riesling kit Tonight I'm at the stabilizing stage and was degassing tonight. I bought one of those whip degassers and followed the...
  11. RandalG

    too high an efficiency

    A friend of mine did a partial mash Bender clone the other day from NB. His target og was 1.060. When he was finished he topped with 1.5 gallons and shook vigorously for 2 minutes. He took two separate hydro readings and got 1.090 which I think is physically impossible because of his grain bill...
  12. RandalG

    burner not working properly

    I have a Banjo KAB4 that I have been using for a few years now. The last few times I used it when I fire it up I get a good flame but after awhile it gets weak.I get frost on the bottom part of the propane tank depending on how much gas is left but not sure if that means anything. At first I...
  13. RandalG

    Overpitching dry yeast

    So I made a Gumballhead clone the other day and used 2 - 11g US-05 yeast packets. I usually use liquid yeast with starters. I was reading John Plamers book and he said to use 2 packs. Looking back he may have been talking about the smaller packs. It took off and I almost needed a blow off tube...
  14. RandalG

    Kona Brewing Co. Comes to Chicago

    Finally. And as it just so happens I just kegged a Koko Brown clone last week. Now I can compare it to the real thing.:rockin:
  15. RandalG

    Adding Fruit

    I know it's common practice to add fruit to the secondary after the primary has finished. Recently I got the Paragon Apricot Blonde kit from NB and they said to add it 2-3 days into primary and let it finish then move to secondary to clear. The beer turned out very good. I was just wondering is...
  16. RandalG

    oversparge question

    Not paying attention as I should have I oversparged by a little over a gallon on the blueberry blonde I'm making. I was thinking about doing a 90 minute boil but I'm not sure how that will effect the flavor for this style. Or I can just make it a weak session beer. What do you guys think? I...
  17. RandalG

    My portable kegerator

    When the company I work for announced the annual Cinco De Mayo party was going to be the biggest one yet I decided to brew three separate brews for the event. I have been eyeballing Biermuncher’s rolling kegerator for some time and thought what better way to serve the beer. We recently moved to...
  18. RandalG

    lagering question

    I did a Vienna lager for an upcoming Cinco de Mayo party that's just about done in primary. I need to move it to make room for another batch in the fermentation chamber but don't have room in the kegerator yet to lager it. We are having a St. Patty's Day party next weekend so it's full with...
  19. RandalG

    Did I wait too long to pick

    I'm a first year grower with a small harvest of cascades. I think I may have waited a little too long to pick them. They are mostly whitish yellow with brown tips. Most pics I've seen are bright green. Should I use them in a brew or pitch 'em. I don't want an off flavors in the Cascadian Dark I...
  20. RandalG

    Fruit Beer Clemifornia Commontine

    8.45 lb Domestic (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) 1.10 lb Munich Malt (7.0 SRM) 0.88 lb Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) 0.44 lb Victory Malt (25.0 SRM) 0.11 lb Pale Chocolate (200.0 SRM) 1oz...